Karen de Reuver

Skin Therapist

I started working as a skin and oedema therapist in 2006. I have worked in various practices and collaborated with many colleagues and other care disciplines. In this way, I was able to develop into an all-round therapist with a lot of practical experience. In 2017 I started working at Huidzorg West. I like working with the skin and I like working with people. It gives me energy to share my knowledge and experience in the practice on a daily basis and thus help patients and my colleagues further.

"Our skin shows us exactly how we are doing"

For me, a team consists of pieces of a puzzle, some of the pieces may look the same but they complement each other to form a fitting whole. That is exactly what makes a team our top team. Everyone with their own strengths and characteristics.

The most important thing for our practice is always that our care is the best care that our clients can receive. Every day, we strive to find the right treatments to achieve optimal results. We do this by consulting with each other, keeping our knowledge up to date and moving with the developments in our field. Patient contact is also very important here. We strive to ensure that everyone who comes to us with a complaint feels heard. It is always our intention to provide the best possible care and, when necessary, to do this in consultation with other disciplines.

After all these years, working at Huidzorg West still gives me a good feeling. Every day we help people to reduce or eliminate their complaints. Our patients place their concerns in our hands and it’s up to us to deal with them properly and be honest about our expectations.

HBO Skin Therapy College Utrecht
Course: Willie Fourie "Fascia Techniques"
Post HBO Light - Laser
Affiliated with
Dutch Association for Skin Therapists (NVH)
Quality Register Paramedics

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