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Below you will find a complete overview of the price of all our treatments (prices as of 1 January 2022).
Many of our treatments are covered by your health insurance company.

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Consultation 30 min 35.00
Consultation and Observ Skin analysis 45 min 45.00
Acne therapy
Acne therapy from 60.00
Acne behandeling in combinatie met consult incl. huidanalyse Observ 60 min 65.00
Acne treatment in combination with peeling from 85.00
Acne treatment in combination with laser from 150.00
Acne treatment in combination with microdermabrasion from 100.00
Camouflage therapy
Camouflagetherapie - advies en training (excl. producten) 30 min 60.00
Edema therapy
Edema therapy 30 min 52.00*
Fitting of aids 30 min 51.00
Electric epilation
Electric Epilation starting rate 15 min 42.50
30 min 57.50
45 min 85.00
60 min 115.00
Endermotherapy- cosmetic
Lipomassage 30 min 65.00
Lipomassage - 2 Zones Kuur 10 behandelingen 600.00
Lipomassage - 2 Zones Kuur 20 behandelingen 1100.00
Lipomassage Gelaat 30 min 65.00
Lipomassage Gelaat + milde peeling 30 min 115.00
Lipomassage Gelaat + TCA of Retinol peeling 30 min 180.00
Fractional laser treatment
Huidverbetering, acnelittekens, chirurgische littekens
Cheeks fixed price 200.00
Eye area fixed price 175.00
Upper lip fixed price 150.00
Around the mouth fixed price 175.00
Forehead fixed price 175.00
Neck fixed price 200.00
Decolletage fixed price 250.00
Mondgebied + wangen fixed price 250.00
Hele gelaat fixed price 350.00
Hele gelaat + hals fixed price 390.00
Enkele striae striemen fixed price 125.00
Medium area fixed price 175.00
Large area fixed price 250.00
Extra large area fixed price 325.00
Litteken < 10 cm fixed price 125.00
Litteken < 25 cm fixed price 175.00
Enkele (kleine) littekens from 175.00
Laser hair removal
Bottom lip fixed price 40.00
Between the eyebrows fixed price 45.00
Upper lip fixed price 75.00
Forehead fixed price 75.00
Jukbeenderen fixed price 75.00
Ears or nose hairs fixed price 75.00
Chin fixed price 90.00
Eyebrows (between and above) fixed price 90.00
Bakkebaarden fixed price 100.00
Nek fixed price 120.00
Cheeks fixed price 120.00
Neck fixed price 120.00
Chin and upper lip (perioral) fixed price 140.00
Kin en stukje hals (tot eerste halslijn) fixed price 140.00
Peri oraal en hals (tot eerste halslijn) fixed price 190.00
Beard area fixed price 225.00
Face complete fixed price 240.00
Stripe belly fixed price 75.00
Areola fixed price 75.00
Area between the breasts fixed price 75.00
Sinus Pilonidalis (bilnaad) fixed price 80.00
Foot back and toes fixed price 90.00
Hands fixed price 90.00
Oksels fixed price 95.00
Bikinilijn klein fixed price 150.00
Bikinilijn normaal fixed price 175.00
Bikinilijn uitgebreid fixed price 200.00
Onderarmen fixed price 175.00
Onderarmen incl. handen fixed price 195.00
Buttocks fixed price 175.00
Chest (men) fixed price 175.00
Belly fixed price 175.00
Onderbenen fixed price 225.00
Onderbenen incl. knie fixed price 250.00
Upper legs fixed price 275.00
Borst en buik fixed price 275.00
Whole arms fixed price 275.00
Back without shoulders fixed price 295.00
Back with shoulders fixed price 375.00
Armpits and bikini line small fixed price 200.00
Oksels en bikinilijn medium fixed price 225.00
Armpits and bikini line extended fixed price 250.00
Lower legs and bikini area fixed price 275.00
Onderbenen, knie en bikinilijn klein fixed price 295.00
Upper legs and bikini line small fixed price 300.00
Complete legs fixed price 450.00
Gehele benen en bikinilijn (klein) fixed price 475.00
Gehele benen, bikinilijn (klein) en oksels fixed price 525.00
Laser treatment of acne scars
Small area / some scars from 125.00
Middle area / cheeks from 200.00
Large area / whole face from 350.00
Leg veins ND Yag laser treatment
10% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Klein oppervlak 7 pulsen 125.00
Medium-sized area < 15 min 200.00
15% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Large area < 20 min 275.00
Extra large area < 25 min 350.00
Microdermabrasion (including deep cleansing) 30 min 95.00
In combination with peelings 45 min 120.00
Microneedling i.c.m. peeling
Microneedling gelaat 195.00
Microneedling gelaat + hals 225.00
Microneedling i.c.m. TCA (Pixel-peel) 250.00
Zonder peeling
Gelaat of hals 30 min 150.00
Gelaat en hals 45 min 225.00
Enkel plekje < 5 min 75.00
Small area <10 min 100.00
Medium area <25 min 150.00
Large area <40 min 225.00
Superficial peeling from 85.00
Retinol peeling from 130.00
TCA from 135.00
Toskani Spot Out peeling from 395.00
Pigment laser treatment
Some spots/small surface from 100.00
Medium surface area from 150.00
Large surface area from 195.00
Extra big surface from 225.00
Redness and blood vessel laser treatment
Enkele vaatjes / klein oppervlak from 100.00
Medium surface area vanaf 150.00
Large surface area from 195.00
Extra big surface from 225.00
Scar Therapy
Scar massage 30 min 51.00*
Scar treatment with fractional laser < 10 cm 125.00
< 25 cm 175.00
Stretchmarks laser treatment
10% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Some stretch marks fixed price 125.00
Medium area fixed price 175.00
15% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Large area fixed price 250.00
Extra large area fixed price 325.00
Removal of Benign Skin Tumors
Electro coagulation / Cryopen / Curettage Single spot 55.00
Up to 5 spots 75.00
Up to 10 spots 125.00

* The Consultation Fee is 35 euros. If a treatment can be started immediately or if a laser treatment is planned, the consultation fee will be deducted from the first treatment.

* *Special arrangements apply to the above treatments. Every health insurance company has a fixed rate for these therapies.

For chronic conditions, the first 20 treatments are covered by the additional package; from the 21st treatment onwards, the treatments are covered by the basic health insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are at your own expense, after which a claim can be made under the basic insurance.

The above rates are guide prices for each laser treatment. The exact price per treatment will be given during the consultation. The price of the laser treatment depends on the size of the area. The fee for the first consultation is 35 euros. This consultation is offered free of charge when you decide to start laser treatment.

Huidzorg West wants to provide the best quality care to medical and cosmetic clients in the field of skin and oedema therapy in Delft, Rijswijk and the surrounding area. You can contact us for skin therapy, skin improvement and medical treatments.

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