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At Huidzorg West, we’re here for you. Our specialised team of experienced skin and oedema therapists make the difference and help you to feel good about yourself again.

At our Delft and Rijswijk practices, you can count on honest advice, a tailor-made treatment plan and high quality care.

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Our specialist team consists of experienced skin and oedema therapists as well as office staff who do everything possible to help you feel good about yourself again. Our multidisciplinary approach and cooperation with other medical and paramedical professionals help us go that one step further.

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De zorg die jouw huid verdient
Annamarie van der Meulen
Owner & Skin Therapist

In addition to a skin therapist, Annamarie van der Meulen is also the owner of Huidzorg West. Since 2010 Annamarie is the owner of Huidzorg Delft. From 2022 it was time to change the name to Huidzorg West. Still with its roots in Delft but now also with a location in Rijswijk Buiten. The drive to provide the best possible care is right up Annamarie’s street.

‘What I find important within Huidzorg West is to work with a close-knit team with a lot of love for the skin therapy profession. Where we work with the best equipment and with the right knowledge with which we distinguish ourselves.’

Joyce de Leur
Skin therapist and practice manager

I have been working at Huidzorg West since 2013. After starting as a trainee and assistant skin therapist, I have now been working as a senior skin therapist and practice manager for many years. The combination of these two functions makes my work varied and challenging. Getting the best possible out of the team and the practice every day is what I strive for.

Karen de Reuver
Skin Therapist

I started working as a skin and oedema therapist in 2006. I have worked in various practices and collaborated with many colleagues and other care disciplines. In this way, I was able to develop into an all-round therapist with a lot of practical experience. In 2017 I started working at Huidzorg West. I like working with the skin and I like working with people. It gives me energy to share my knowledge and experience in the practice on a daily basis and thus help patients and my colleagues further.

Emma Jabroer
Skin Therapist

In May 2019, I finished my studies to become a Skin and Oedema Therapist. During my studies, I was always interested in both the medical and cosmetic aspects of skin therapy. The variety of treatments on offer at Huidzorg West is what attracted me to the practice. Being able to offer support and to work with the patient towards improvement is what makes the profession valuable to me.

Julia Jouvenaar
Skin Therapist and online marketing

As of January 2019, I started my work at Huidzorg West. Initially as an intern and then as a practice assistant. In the meantime, I have been able to develop within Huidzorg West into a full-fledged Skin and Oedema Therapist and am also responsible for the online and offline marketing of Huidzorg West.

This variety makes my work challenging and varied. Switching between patient care and making the practice more visible is a fine and welcome change.

Manon Knijnenburg
Skin Therapist

In July 2021, I graduated as a skin and oedema therapist. My interest in the skin therapy practice lies in both the medical and cosmedical side of the profession. Through a personal approach and customized care, I always try to work with clients towards the desired result! Working towards improvement gives me satisfaction and energy!

Danielle de Ruiter
Front office

Since the beginning of January 2020, I have been working at Huidzorg West as a Practice Assistant. In a professional and relaxed atmosphere, I take care of the administrative tasks at various times of the day.

I love to plan, I am also customer-oriented and always try to find the most suitable solution. I have worked a lot with selling beauty products in the past and this is a passion of mine. As a result of this interest in skin care, the supportive role within Huidzorg West fits me like a glove.

Annebel de Roode
Skin Therapist

I started as an assistant skin therapist at Huidzorg West in November 2021. Since then, I graduated and am now working as a full-fledged skin therapist.

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