Sun protection for all skin types

Which sun protection is right for me?

In this day and age, it is impossible not to think about sun protection. With the approaching sunny weather, it is important to make sure you have good products that suit your skin. There is a wide range of sunscreen products on the market today, so we want to give you a little help with our own favourite SPF products.

Anti-Acne Sun Protection

The Heliocare Gel Oil Free is my absolute favourite sunscreen product. My skin tends to be oily and I also suffer from frequent inflammation. For years, I have been looking for a sunscreen product that does not make my skin even greasier and does not aggravate inflammation. The Heliocare Gel Oil free has a sebum regulating formula, which ensures that sebum production is inhibited and the skin looks less shiny. The product has a mattifying effect.


The Heliocare Gel Oil Free is suitable for skin types with a tendency to mild to severe acne. This product also contains SPF factor 50, so I can be well protected when I go out into the sun.

Moisturise and Protect for Emma 

The Heliocare Watergel is my favourite. I have skin that feels tight and often lacks hydration. With the help of the Heliocare Watergel, this is a thing of the past. The Heliocare Watergel  has a moisturising effect. The product also absorbs quickly into the skin and is a good base for applying make-up on top. The product has a light texture and is not irritating to the eyes. The size of the bottle is ideal to put in any bag, so I can take my favourite product with me wherever I go and keep my skin hydrated and protected.  width=

Disturbing pigment is now a thing of the past for Karen

My favourite sunscreen product is the Heliocare Pigment Solution Fluid. My pregnancies have left me with bothersome pigmentation marks. To prevent these from increasing, I apply the Heliocare  Pigment Solution fluid as soon as Spring begins. This sunscreen is especially for pigment-sensitive skin. The ingredients in this product even out the complexion and lighten troublesome pigmentations. I notice that my skin is well protected from harmful UV rays and that my pigmentation remains under control. Heliocare pigment

Besides these 3 favourites, we have many other sunscreen products in our range, so there is a product for every skin type. Not sure which product is right for your skin?Ask one of our skin therapists.  

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