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Benign Skin Tumours

As you get older, more and more bumps, spots or rough patches appear. These spots occur both on the body and the face. Usually, these spots are harmless. Nevertheless, we prefer smooth and even skin. For this reason, you may choose to remove the spots.

There are many types of benign skin spots. Many of these spots can be assessed and removed by the skin therapist but some spots have to be surgically removed by a dermatologist. This may be due to the size, depth or suspicion of malignant cells. Birthmarks should always be checked by a dermatologist first.

Frequently asked questions about benign skin tumours
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Types Benign Skin Tumours

There are different types of benign skin spots:


Fibromas (also called stalk warts) are benign, small protrusions of your skin. Fibromas vary in size and are generally skin-colored, but they can also be slightly pigmented.

Cherry Warts

These red swelling warts can grow up to several millimeters in size. They never occur alone, and often occur in larger numbers on the upper body.

Age warts

Age warts are also called verrucae seborrhoicae. They are benign flat, round skin patches and yellow to dark brown in color.

Treatments against Benign Skin Tumours

There are various therapies available to treat benign skin spots. In many cases, the skin therapists of Huidzorg West use a combination of the various treatment techniques.

During the initial consultation, the skin therapist will assess your skin and draw up a customised treatment plan.

Treatments against Benign Skin Tumours

Frequently Asked Questions

Benign Skin Tumours

The cause of many benign skin tumours is not fully known. In many cases, heredity plays a major role, along with overexposure to sunlight and ageing. Most benign skin tumours develop later in life, some are congenital.

In many cases, the skin therapists of Huidzorg West use a combination technique of the various treatment techniques. The most suitable treatment technique is assessed for each spot of skin. By removing the benign skin spots, the skin will have a smoother and more balanced appearance.

Curettage is the removal of benign skin defects using a sterile sharp ring. The skin is anaesthetised with a spray, after which the curette is used to scrape off the unevenness of the skin.

During the electro coagulation treatment, a fine needle is used to send an electric current to the benign skin spot, which is then heated and destroyed. A numbing cream can be used as a pre-treatment; this is especially recommended for larger areas or areas that are more difficult to treat, such as around the eye.

In cryotherapy, selective treatment of the skin areas is carried out by freezing the tissue. The aim of this therapy is to make the skin smoother and more even, and the spots become less visible or disappear. The skin then heals without scarring.

Prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove benign skin tumours on one’s own. However, you can protect your skin from the sun and not expose it excessively to the sun to ensure that new skin damage does not occur.

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