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Xanthelasma palpebrarum are benign, yellowish-white localised fat deposits on and around the eyelid. They are stuck on top of the skin. They are harmless skin bumps, but they do have a cosmetically unsightly effect. It often starts with a bump on the inside of the corners of the eyes, these bumps can continue to expand.

It often occurs in older people or in middle-aged people.

Frequently asked questions about xanthelasma
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Treatments against Xanthelasma

We can treat Xanthelasma at Huidzorg West in an effective and safe way. In the initial consultation, we discuss your symptoms and assess your skin. We will then discuss a tailor-made treatment plan with you.In many cases, a combination of the different treatment methods is used. Depending on, for example, the size of the spot, these bumps can be removed by:

Treatments against Xanthelasma

Frequently Asked Questions


A combination technique of the different treatment methods is often used in xanthelasma.
The yellow-white discolouration is expertly removed layer by layer. This is how the skin therapist can see whether the xanthelasma has been completely removed.

Generally speaking, several treatments are needed to completely remove the xanthelasma.

The xanthelasma can often be located around the eyes, this type of skin gives more chance of scarring. At Huidzorg West, the skin therapist works very carefully to prevent this as much as possible. For this reason, the treatment will need to be repeated more often to assess whether the skin will heal without scarring.

If it is a deeper located Xanthelasma, the treatment will take place in the Reinier de Graaf hospital, where the skin can be locally anaesthetised through our unique collaboration with the Dermatology department.

With curettage, we remove benign skin abnormalities with a sterile, sharp ring. The skin is anaesthetised with a spray, after which the curette is used to scrape off the unevenness of the skin.

During the electro coagulation treatment, an electric current is sent via a fine needle to the benign skin spot, which is then heated and destroyed. A numbing cream can be used as a pre-treatment; this is especially recommended for larger areas or areas that are more difficult to treat, such as around the eye.

The cause is unknown in most cases. The condition appears to be hereditary, but diabetes or an excessively high level of cholesterol in the blood can also give rise to the skin condition.

Xanthelasma is also seen as a form of skin ageing.

See our pricelist for the cost of treating Xanthelasma.

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