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Dr. Tijssen

Dr. Tijssen, a dermatologist, is a valued partner of Huidzorg West.

Alongside practising traditional dermatology, he also specialises in cosmetic dermatology. At the Skin and Laser Centre of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, dermatologist Dr. Tijssen works closely with skin therapist Annamarie van der Meulen.

Through this collaboration, the clients are able to get the most out of the experience; both professionals bring their knowledge to the clinic and complement each other perfectly in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

As Dermatologist De Roos, member of the advisory board of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) puts it: What physiotherapy is to the orthopaedic surgeon, skin therapy will naturally be to dermatologists. At the Reinier de Graaf skin and laser clinic, this view is fully endorsed.

During the special outpatient clinics, for example, benign skin tumours are diagnosed by the dermatologist and then appropriately treated by the skin therapist. With treatment with the vascular and pigment laser, we both make use of each other’s experience with these devices. Furthermore, it sometimes turns out during a consultation that a question to the dermatologist is more of a skin therapy question, or vice versa. The partnership ensures that clients who visit the Reinier de Graaf skin and laser clinic get a quick and reliable answer, says Dr Tijssen.

Treatments for benign tumours, pigmentation spots and vascular abnormalities can be carried out by the skin therapist and the dermatologist at the outpatient clinic using light laser treatments. The consultation hours of the dermatologist and skin therapist are linked, which means that many treatments are performed together in order to provide clients with the best possible care.

By learning about the expertise of dermatologist Dr Tijssen, our skills and knowledge are also developed further. Annamarie van der Meulen explains: “This mutual exchange and continuous learning from the different disciplines is of great value. That’s something I will always strive for with Huidzorg West”.

Reinier de Graaf Hospital Dermatology Outpatient Clinic
Appointments can be made at the outpatient clinic. Reinier de Graafweg 5 2625 AD Delft

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