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With a wound, the skin is damaged, either through illness or trauma. All of us have to manage a wound or a cut at some time or another. Some wounds require acute care by a nurse or specialist and some can be treated at home.

Common wounds include: abrasions, cuts, blisters and burns. The wounds that are often seen at Huidzorg West are the wounds that have more impact on the skin, such as wounds after an operation, or wounds resulting from an illness or serious burns.

The healing process of these wounds is also often slower and more irregular and therefore requires the attention and specialist skills of a wound expert.

Frequently asked questions about wounds
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Types Wounds

There are many different types of wounds. A wound can be classified into 2 categories:

  • Superficial:

These include abrasions, superficial cuts, blisters, minor burns.

  • Medium/Deep:

These can include deeper cuts, deep burns, surgical wounds.

Wounds can also be referred to as 3 types of wounds which reflect the complexity of the wound, these are:

  • Red wound

The wound is clean and has a healthy glossy red colour. The wound is in the right phase to start healing.

  • Yellow wound

If the wound is yellow (pus forming), this may be an indication of infection. It is important that the wound is cleaned and protected with appropriate wound materials.

  • Black wound

The surface of the wound is covered with a black scab. The tissue may have already died and be coloured black. The dead tissue must be removed by a specialist, so that the wound can regenerate healthy tissue


Treatments against Wounds

The Huidzorg West skin therapists are specialised in treating different types of wounds. During the treatment process, the skin therapist can assess the wound, care for it with the appropriate wound materials and offer support in the fitting of compression bandages. Skin therapists also give tips on skin care and advice on how to manage the wound.

Where necessary, the skin therapists maintain close contact with dermatologists, the wound clinic at the Reinier de Graafgasthuis or the home care and wound care specialist of the home care team.

Treatments against Wounds

Frequently Asked Questions


There are three phases to wound healing:

Phase 1. The reaction phase

This is the bleeding phase and an inflammation phase. In this phase, the blood clots and the blood vessels constrict. This stops any bleeding that may be taking place. A wound layer may now form. When this wound layer dries out, a scab forms. Underneath this scab, the body is working hard to get rid of bacteria and dead body cells. As a result of the clearing, an infection-like reaction can occur, the blood vessels cannot drain the cleared cells properly and excess fluid can accumulate. The wound may swell and feel painful.

Phase 2. Regeneration phase

Once the body has cleaned the wound and cleared away all the bacteria, the second phase begins. In this phase, new blood vessels and connective tissue are formed. The new blood vessels ensure the proper supply of nutrients and provide areas for the regeneration of new tissue. This new tissue is the basis for the new top layer of skin. When these cells have multiplied sufficiently, the wound is closed and can proceed to the final stage.

Phase 3. Maturing phase

When the wound is closed, the tissue may still be thick and red in colour. With time, the tissue will become soft and supple and take on its normal colour. This can take several months to a year.

At Huidzorg West, the skin therapists see different types of wounds. We see superficial wounds where the skin is slightly damaged, but we also apply our knowledge to complex wounds and their care.

We will not shy away from a challenge.

Whether the treatment is reimbursable depends on several factors. If there is fluid or oedema around the wound, the skin therapist can apply integral oedema therapy in addition to wound care. The costs and reimbursement conditions that apply to integral oedema therapy apply here.

View our list of rates for the costs of treating wounds.

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