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Transgender care

The most appropriate care before, during and after transition can be found at Huidzorg West. In the course of a transition, much changes in and with the body. In partnership with the VU Medical Centre Amsterdam, we provide the most appropriate care in preparation for the full transition and later in the process.

Frequently asked questions about transgender care
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Types Transgender care

Transgender care is a comprehensive form of care provided within Huidzorg West. Not only can hair growth be experienced as disturbing, in some areas it is necessary for the hair to be permanently removed before the gender surgery can take place. The skin therapists of Huidzorg West can also support you in applying camouflage products using Jane Iredale make-up products. Lastly, scars left over after surgery can be treated using various treatment methods.

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Treatments against Transgender care

Within Huidzorg West, various treatment techniques can be used to support the transition process.


Hair growth: Gentle Max hair removal transgender or electric epilation

In the transition process, there may be a need to remove hair growth in preparation for surgery. This is often done in consultation with the treating specialist. In addition, there can also be unwanted hair growth in other places on the body or in the face, laser hair removal can also be effective to achieve hair reduction.


Scars: Fractionated laser, scar therapy or camouflage therapy

Remaining scars from operations can possibly cause complaints or be aesthetically disturbing. Various types of therapies can be used to reduce the symptoms.


Camouflage therapy: The teaching of applying make-up through camouflage therapy.

Looking for the best way to apply make-up and support your skin as much as possible with the right products? Jane Iredale’s products can then be a solution for the most natural result possible. The skin therapists of Huidzorg West can support you in applying the make-up products correctly and finding the appropriate colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transgender care

Depending on the grounds for the treatment, it may be eligible for reimbursement. The skin therapist will be able to provide more clarity on this during the consultation.

During a consultation, the skin therapists of Huidzorg West can estimate whether it is of added value to already start the treatment trajectory or whether it is wise to first consult the treating doctor.

Huidzorg West has a partnership with the VU Medical Centre Amsterdam. The skin therapists of Huidzorg West can support you in the transition process by means of various treatments.

Camouflage therapy advice and training (excl. Products)30 min55.00
Electric depilation starting rate15 min40,00
30 min55,00
Scar treatment by massage30 min48.00
Scar treatment with fractional laser, scar < 10 cmflat rate125,00
Scar treatment with fractional laser, scar < 25 cmflat rate175,00
Single (small) scarsflat rate175,00
Laser depilation face lower lipflat rate40,00
Brow gapflat rate45,00
Upper lipflat rate75,00
Foreheadflat rate75,00
Cheekbonesflat rate75,00
Ears or nose hairsflat rate75,00
Chinflat rate90,00
Eyebrows (between and above)flat rate90,00
Sideburnsflat rate100,00
Neckflat rate120,00
Cheeksfixed rate120,00
Neckflat rate120,00
Chin and upper lip (perioral)flat rate140,00
Chin and neck areaflat rate140,00
Peri oral and neck (up to first neckline)flat rate190,00
Beard areaflat rate225,00
Complete faceflat rate240,00

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