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Gender dysphoria

People dealing with gender dysphoria have a strong sense of dissatisfaction with the gender they were born and raised with. Their gender does not fit with how they want to express themselves and feel.
The expression of this dissatisfaction can occur in different forms, such as: living gender-neutral, living in the desired gender in small circles or a small part of the time, going through a complete gender transformation and undergoing the medical treatments in the process or only choosing to live in the desired gender role, without medical treatments.

Frequently asked questions about gender dysphoria
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Treatments against Gender dysphoria

At Huidzorg West, there is time and attention for finding the right gender role and the issues involved. The skin therapists at Huidzorg West support people in the gender transformation process with the help of various treatments.Support can also be offered in learning to apply camouflaging make-up
products correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gender dysphoria

The Huidzorg West skin therapists can offer support in cases of gender dysphoria by means of the following treatments:

Depending on the care requirements, it is possible to determine whether this is covered by the supplementary health insurance. If this is not the case, the normal rates, which can be found on the rate list, apply.

Explore the available knowledge on gender dysphoria and discuss it with your GP in the first instance. For more information on gender dysphoria, please visit:

No. Skin therapists are readily accessible so an appointment can be made for an initial consultation without a referral.

If it turns out that the treatment qualifies for a reimbursement from the health insurance company, a referral will still be necessary. This can be resolved afterwards.

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