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A scar is a visible deviation of the skin, which remains after the healing of a skin injury. They occur as a result of an accident, operation or skin disease.

There are many different scars that, depending on their appearance, size and location, can lead to serious cosmetic and psychosocial problems.

Frequently asked questions about scars
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Types Scars

Scars come in different shapes that determine their size, shape and colour.

Atrophic scars are usually superficially visible in the skin. An atrophic scar occurs when the normal healing process is disturbed. Insufficient new skin material is then produced. These scars therefore have a very thin layer of scar tissue.

Usually a wound heals without much problem. What remains is a white (pigmentless) strand or spot. These are the ordinary scars.

Hypertrophic scars are usually red and thickened. They lie, or so to speak, on your skin. These types of scars can be itchy or painful. The scar is smaller than the wound.

  • Keloid scars

Keloid scars are actually special hypertrophic scars. The scar is often thick, dark-coloured and larger than the original injury. People with coloured skin have an increased risk of developing keloid scars.

Treatments against Scars

Scars can be effectively treated at Huidzorg West. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and assess your skin. Then we make a tailor-made treatment plan.Scar therapies we offer are:

Frequently Asked Questions


Laser therapy

We use the fractionated laser to treat scars. This form of laser therapy stimulates collagen production in the skin. This gives you smooth, fresh and toned skin.


A ‘chemical’ peel is an effective and simple way to improve the skin condition and provides a fresh look. The purpose of a peel is to even out the skin and counteract the colour difference.

Scar therapy

The aim of scar massage is to stimulate circulation. This improves the elasticity of the scar. This makes the skin more supple and reduces complaints such as movement limitations and pain. In order to intensify the scar treatment, endermotherapy is used at Huidzorg West.

Once the wounds have healed, you can use silicone plasters or silicone cream as a precaution. With the use of silicone plasters and silicone gel, scars can soften and flatten within weeks to months. In addition, its use reduces redness, pain and itching.

Scar treatments are reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. Depending on your health insurance conditions, you may be reimbursed for this. Check the policy conditions to see if the treatment is (partly) reimbursed.

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