Skin renewal using laser therapy.

Fractional laser treatment

Erbium fractionated lasers

Huidzorg West has both Erbium fractional lasers; the Erbium:Glass laser and the Erbium:YAG laser. Both lasers can be used to improve dull skin, pigmentation, (acne) scars and wrinkles. The skin therapist will determine which laser is most suitable for your skin.

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What does the treatment involve?

Fractional laser treatment

Erbium Glass Laser

Huidzorg West uses the most effective and newest treatment method: the Nordlys Ellipse Fraxx 1550nm, an Erbium Glass laser. This unique approach to treatment leads to skin renewal, as the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated in the dermis (deeper skin layers). This special laser technique is distinguished by its extremely short pulse duration, which means that the intensive treatment has a short recovery period.

This laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This stimulation effectively treats (acne) scars, stretch marks, superficial, wrinkles and loosening of the skin.

Erbium Yag laser

The Erbium Yag laser treats conditions such as superficial scars and fine lines well.The heat of the laser causes the upper layer of the skin to vaporise, so that superficial irregularities can be treated effectively. In addition, the Erbium: YAG laser is also very suitable for removing benign skin spots.

Depending on the condition, a combination of the two laser techniques can be recommended.

The treatment

Step 11

The treatment area is cleaned and marked with a skin pencil

Step 22

You will be given protective laser goggles

Step 33

Erbium Glass laser

The marked area is treated with a rolling movement in three different directions

Step 44

Erbium Yag laser
The marked area is treated by the laser with 1 or more stamping passes

Step 55

Before, during and after the treatment, the skin is cooled with a cold pack

step 66

After the treatment, the skin is cared for with the bionic: the after-treatment cream

Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional laser treatment

The fractionated laser treatment lasts on average between 15-45 minutes.

Depending on the severity of the condition, 3-5 laser treatments are required for the desired result. For the skin rejuvenation treatment, we recommend an annual maintenance treatment. The frequency of treatment is on average once every 4 weeks.

Collagen build-up is a process that takes time, so the result is not immediately visible.

On average, we see the first effects of the treatment 3 to 6 months after the last treatment.

An assessment appointment will always be made 3 months after the last treatment to discuss the preliminary results.

After the treatment, your skin may look red and feel a little rough. Usually, this redness disappears within a few hours.

On average, your skin will have a light tanned appearance for 3 to 10 days and will feel somewhat rough in the form of tiny dots. This is the pattern of the laser pulses, which are hardly visible to others.

The skin may also swell immediately after the treatment or in the first hours after the treatment, which may be cooled with a cold pack.

After the treatment, your skin can be camouflaged with mineral make-up. Huidzorg West works with the products of Jane Iredale.These products are opaque, provide good protection and also have soothing properties.

The fractionated laser treatment evens out skin tone, making the skin look fresher and healthier.

Coarse skin structure, (acne) scars and fine lines fade, wrinkles appear diminished and skin circulation improves. This results in a smoother and fresher appearance.

The collagen structure improves the skin structure, which is visible after an average of 3 months.

There is no limit to the number of treatments that are possible with the Nordlys Ellipse Fraxx 1550 nm, but it is important that there are at least 4 weeks between treatments.

With the Erbium Yag, 2-3 treatments are usually recommended. For skin rejuvenation, we recommend an annual maintenance treatment.

Depending on the condition, you can check with the skin therapist whether this treatment is eligible for reimbursement from your supplementary health insurance.

The procedure can be experienced as if warm rubber bands were being fired at the skin.

The skin is immediately cooled with a stream of cold air from the treatment unit, and once the entire treatment area has been treated, the skin is further cooled with a cold pack.

The treatment is not painless and can be felt as sensitive to painful.

Before the treatment, you may take two paracetamol and one ibuprofen, in order to alleviate the worst pain. You may also take two paracetamol after the treatment.

Erbium Glass laser – This special laser technique distinguishes itself from other fractional laser treatments by its extremely short pulse duration, which results in an intensive treatment with a relatively short recovery period.Erbium Yag laser – The capability of this laser technique makes it possible to work more intensively and therefore more effectively on skin ageing.

There are many options in the field of skin improvement at Huidzorg West. In addition to fractional laser treatments, various IPL treatments, laser treatments, peels or microdermabrasion are often used.This means that the treatment is tailor-made for everyone.

Huidverbetering, acnelittekens, chirurgische littekens
Cheeks fixed price 200.00
Eye area fixed price 175.00
Upper lip fixed price 150.00
Around the mouth fixed price 175.00
Forehead fixed price 175.00
Neck fixed price 200.00
Decolletage fixed price 250.00
Mondgebied + wangen fixed price 250.00
Hele gelaat fixed price 350.00
Hele gelaat + hals fixed price 390.00
Enkele striae striemen fixed price 125.00
Medium area fixed price 175.00
Large area fixed price 250.00
Extra large area fixed price 325.00
Litteken < 10 cm fixed price 125.00
Litteken < 25 cm fixed price 175.00
Enkele (kleine) littekens from 175.00

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