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IPL treatment

Do you suffer from pigmentation or redness on your face or body? At Huidzorg West we are able to treat this efficiently and comfortably using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), also known as light flash therapy. IPL treatment is an effective treatment method for diffuse redness, rosacea as well as for reducing superficial pigmentation spots or acne problems such as residual acne or rosacea and for evening out the skin. Huidzorg West is known for the high quality of its treatments. Within our practice, the Candela Nordlys IPL platform is used. Huidzorg West has various filters for the IPL platform, allowing skin therapists to choose the right filter for various skin indications in order to be able to use the treatment as effectively and safely as possible.

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What does the treatment involve?

IPL treatment

IPL for Redness

Vascular irregularities can disfigure and redden the face and/or the décolleté. At Huidzorg West, the skin therapist can treat vascular abnormalities in an effective manner. Unsightly blood vessels on the body can be reduced or eliminated altogether. In cases of diffuse redness and various vascular abnormalities, IPL offers an effective and safe solution. When it concerns a deeper vascular malformation such as leg veins or a venous lake, Huidzorg West’s skin therapist will opt for a different treatment method, called the ND:Yag laser. We will, of course, advise you on the most effective treatment method.

IPL for Acne or skin irregularities

IPL acne treatment is focused on reducing the bacteria that can cause acne. This technique also reduces inflamed sebaceous glands, which in turn reduces the overproduction of sebum. IPL treatment is also a very effective method for residual acne and redness. The treatment is suitable for the face, but also for pimples on the back and chest.

Different treatments for pigment spots

Pigmentation spots are treated at Huidzorg West with IPL or laser. Pigmentation marks, such as age spots, sun spots, café-au-lait pigmentation or annoying freckles are safely and effectively removed and your skin can be smooth again. Huidzorg West has the very latest and most advanced equipment for treating pigment spots. The Nordlys Ellipse IPL or the Gentle Max Pro are used. For deeper pigmentation lesions, such as melasma (mask of pregnancy), we use the Nordlys Fraxx Erbium Glass laser.

The treatment

Step 11

The skin therapist assesses the pigmentation, redness or acne and chooses the appropriate IPL Filter

Step 22

The skin is cleaned and the area to be treated is marked with a skin pencil

Step 33

During the treatment it is necessary to wear glasses to protect your eyes

Step 44

A layer of gel is applied to the skin to guide the light flash to the relevant skin indication

Step 55

Directly after treatment the skin therapist sees whether the final goal of the treatment has been achieved, This is assessed on the basis of the skin reaction

Step 66

The skin is treated with an after-treatment cream

Frequently Asked Questions

IPL treatment

The IPL handpiece emits a pulse of the correct wavelength, which is absorbed by the existing red and brown colour of the pigment, acne or redness in the skin.

The pigment is heated to such an extent that the body will break it down.The heat breaks up the blood vessels and the skin itself clears them up.

As a sensation, warmth can be experienced, but the pulses do not last long. Only the skin problem is treated; the ‘healthy’ skin is not treated and remains intact.

This depends on the condition and your reaction to the IPL treatment. During the initial consultation, the skin therapist will provide an evaluation. On average, 1 to 3 treatments are necessary for a satisfactory result, but in some cases more treatments are required.

Various factors influence the end result, such as the depth of the pigment, the location, the method of formation, the shape, intensity of colour, skin type and sun exposure.

After the IPL treatment, temporary redness and swelling may occur in the treated area. The redness usually disappears after 48 hours. The swelling may persist for several days.

Excess pigmentation or redness may darken at first, but this is expected. A superficial scab can form on the dark discolouration, which heals within 2 weeks. When the scab drops off the skin, the pigmentation is lighter or gone. Do not touch any scabs, it is important that the skin heals itself.

After the treatment, your skin can be camouflaged with mineral make-up. Huidzorg West works with products made by Jane Iredale. These products are opaque, provide good protection and also have soothing properties.

The Huidzorg West skin therapist always gives skin care advice in order to carefully treat the skin at home.

An IPL treatment is applied to:

Small area fixed price 100.00
Medium surface area fixed price 150.00
Large surface area fixed price 225.00

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