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Leg veins ND Yag laser treatment

Leg veins, also known as broomstick veins or varices, supply the skin, muscles and surrounding tissue with blood. They come in different colours: red, blue and purple. In some cases, leg vessels can be unsightly. We can then treat these effectively and safely with our Gentle Max Pro, ND Yag laser.

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What does the treatment involve?

Leg veins ND Yag laser treatment

Depending on the type of leg veins, the skin therapist will consider which treatment is most suitable. Superficial vessels can be treated effectively with the NDYag laser.

When the veins are in a deeper position, it is advisable to sclerose them first. During this treatment, small veins are injected with a special liquid. As a result, the vessel wall is intentionally damaged, so that the vessel is transformed into a thin strand through which no more blood flows. This treatment is completely painless and safe and takes place in the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis hospital. Huidzorg West is a collaborative partner of the Reiner de Graaf Gasthuis dermatology clinic.
When the blood vessels are sufficiently near the surface, we treat the leg vessels with the Gentle Max Pro, ND Yag laser. Due to its wavelength and specific properties, this laser is able to heat and destroy the leg veins without damaging the surrounding skin.

The treatment

Step 11

The area where the leg vessels are located is marked with a white skin pencil

Step 22

The skin therapist adjusts the laser device with the correct settings

Step 33

The leg veins are treated one by one

Step 44

The skin is treated afterwards with an Aloe Vera gel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leg veins ND Yag laser treatment

On average, a treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on the number of leg veins present, an estimate is made of the time required by the skin therapist.

The treatment cannot be performed if you are (sun)tanned. We therefore recommend avoiding the sun, tanning beds and self-tanning products for up to four weeks before, during and after the procedure.

Laser treatment of leg veins can be sensitive. It feels like we are repeatedly hitting our legs with a rubber band. After the treatment, the area feels warm. The Gentle Max Pro laser has cryo cooling, which makes the treatment a lot more pleasant.

In order for the treatment to proceed smoothly, it is advisable to pay attention to a number of things in advance. It is important to do this on the day of the treatment until a week after the treatment:

  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not exfoliate the skin
  • Do not take part in exercise
  • No strenuous activity
  • Do not visit the sauna
  • Give the body a break so that the veins can be cleared away properly
  • Wear compression stockings

Depending on the amount and type of vein, the skin therapist can estimate how many treatments are needed. On average, three treatments are required for an optimal result.

The treatment of leg veins falls under a cosmetic treatment which is usually not reimbursed by the health insurance company.

The ND Yag laser technique can be used for various skin conditions. This laser treatment is used for the hair removal of tinted skin and for the treatment of deeper blood vessels. This includes leg veins as well as venous lakes. If a deeper vessel is involved, the skin therapist will opt for the ND Yag method

10% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Klein oppervlak 7 pulsen 125.00
Medium-sized area < 15 min 200.00
15% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Large area < 20 min 275.00
Extra large area < 25 min 350.00

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