Get rid of unwanted hair growth.

Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal by laser treatment is the safe and permanent solution for excessive and unwanted hair growth. Huidzorg West works with the Gentle Max Pro. The Gentle Max Pro is a well-known product and features both an Alexandrite and an ND Yag laser. The waves of these lasers are adjusted to your skin and hair colour to achieve the best result.

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What does the treatment involve?

Laser hair removal

Effective and safe. At Huidzorg West we have the Candela Gentle Max Pro available. This laser is regarded worldwide as the gold standard for the treatment of unwanted hair growth and is the absolute best in permanent and laser hair removal. Based on your skin and hair colour, the skin therapists at Huidzorg West adjust the intensity per laser beam especially for you in order to ensure the safest and most effective treatment.
The laser hair removal with the Gentle Max Pro can be effectively applied to various areas on the body and the face. As a result, you no longer have to worry about visible hair growth.

The treatment

Step 11

The area where the troublesome hair growth is located is marked with a skin pencil

Step 22

If necessary, the hair is shaved so that the energy of the laser is directed to the hair roots and not lost on your skin

Step 33

If necessary, your skin is cleaned

Step 44

The area is treated with the Gentle Max Pro laser

Step 55

The area is cooled with a cold pack

Step 66

The laser treatment is concluded with a cooling aloe vera gel and SPF

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal

On average, 6 to 9 laser treatments are required for the face and between 4 and 6 treatments for the body. The interval between treatments varies between 4 and 10 weeks.

A hair has a growth cycle and goes through three different phases. The hair in the Anagen phase (growth phase) reacts best to laser treatment. The hair in the Katagene (transition phase) and Telogene (rest phase) phases cannot absorb light. By maintaining a strict interval between treatments, new hairs in the anagen phase are treated each time.

Pulses are accurately applied over the entire treatment area. The short pulse can be compared to a rubber band hitting the skin. The treatment is therefore not painless, but generally well tolerated. Afterwards, your skin is treated with a cold pack, and soothing Aloe Vera gel and sunscreen are applied.

The hair must not be epilated or waxed. However, you can cut or shave the hair to make it less noticeable.

Depending on the area and your supplementary package, the health insurer may provide a reimbursement for a laser hair removal treatment.

At Huidzorg West, the skin therapists are specialised in treating all skin types and skin colours. Different skin colours are treated with different lasers. For example, the Alexandrite laser is used on light skins and the ND: Yag laser is most suitable for coloured skins.

Bottom lip fixed price 50.00
Between the eyebrows fixed price 50.00
Upper lip fixed price 75.00
Ears or nose hairs fixed price 75.00
Eyebrows (between and above) fixed price 90.00
Chin fixed price 90.00
Jukbeenderen fixed price 100.00
Neck fixed price 120.00
Chin and upper lip (perioral) fixed price 140.00
Kin en stukje hals (tot eerste halslijn) fixed price 140.00
Perioraal en hals (tot eerste halslijn) fixed price 175.00
Gelaat (jukbenen tot hals) Vast tarief 200.00
Hele Gelaat (incl voorhoofd of hals) fixed price 225.00
Stripe belly fixed price 75.00
Area between the breasts fixed price 75.00
Areola fixed price 75.00
Oksels fixed price 80.00
Foot back and toes fixed price 90.00
Hands fixed price 90.00
Sinus Piloridalis (bilnaad) fixed price 100.00
Chest (men) fixed price 150.00
Buttocks fixed price 175.00
Belly fixed price 150.00
Onderarmen zonder handen fixed price 175.00
Onderarmen incl handen fixed price 195.00
Whole arms fixed price 275.00
Bikinilijn klein fixed price 150.00
Bikini area brazilian fixed price 185.00
Bikini area brazillian fixed price 195.00
Lower legs excluding knee fixed price 200.00
Lower legs including knee fixed price 225.00
Upper legs fixed price 250.00
Back without shoulders fixed price 275.00
Back with neck and shoulders fixed price 325.00
Chest and Belly fixed price 250.00
Armpits and bikini line small fixed price 185.00
Armpits and bikini brazilian fixed price 225.00
Lower legs and bikini area fixed price 275.00
Lower legs, armpits and bikini brazillian fixed price 350.00
Upper legs and bikini line small fixed price 285.00
Complete legs fixed price 425.00
Complete legs and bikini area fixed price 475.00
Complete legs, bikini area and armpits fixed price 515.00

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