Treat unwanted hair growth effectively.

Ingrown hair & skin irritation

If hairs grow back, they can be considered ‘foreign‘ by the skin, which can lead to an inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory reaction may result in sensitive skin, scarring or post-inflammatory pigmentation or redness. In addition to the fact that these symptoms can remain, the inflamed bumps are unsightly and can cause pain.

Frequently asked questions about ingrown hair & skin irritation
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Treatments against Ingrown hair & skin irritation

Ingrown hairs and skin irritation can be treated effectively and safely at Huidzorg West. Depending on the size of the spot, among other things, they can be removed by:

Treatments against Ingrown hair & skin irritation

Frequently Asked Questions

Ingrown hair & skin irritation

Shaving gives the tip of the hair a sharp point, which can push against the wall of the hair follicle or the skin, blocking the exit of the hair follicle. As a result, the hair can grow under the top layer of skin.

A sebaceous gland uses this same outlet as the hair, in order to keep the hair supple during normal growth. The sebaceous gland comes under pressure due to the blocked outlet, which can lead to inflammation with pus, swelling and redness.

Frequent shaving can cause continuous irritation to the skin, which can also result in continuous friction. Wearing tight abrasive clothing or wet swimwear are possible factors that can cause shaving irritation.

Resins, waxing and/or tweezing can also stimulate skin irritation and ingrown hairs. By “aggressively” removing the hairs, as with shaving, they can “prick” the hair follicle wall and grow in under the skin.

It is important to avoid ingrown hairs as much as possible. When shaving, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure you have a sharp razor or trimmer.
  • Don’t shave every day, but rather every other day.
  • Shave with the direction of the hair.
  • Scrub the skin regularly so that the hairs can grow out more easily.
  • Do not touch the inflammation yourself, this can lead to more serious inflammation or skin damage.

The use of Neostrata Gel Plus can support skin renewal and suppress the inflammatory component. Using fruit acids, the skin is stimulated to renew itself and additional symptoms such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be alleviated. Also, by renewing and thereby peeling off dead skin cells, the skin can allow easier new hair growth.

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