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Hirsutism involves hair growth in places that are normally only present in men, but not in women. This includes hair on the face, abdomen and limbs. With hirsutism, a distinction can be made between hyperandrogenism (an overproduction of male hormones) or hypertrichosis.

Hyperandrogenism may be caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or Cushing’s syndrome, which means that too many male hormones are produced in the body. These male hormones stimulate hair growth in, for women, unusual places.

In hypertrichosis, there is usually a hereditary factor. Hair growth can increase as a result of weight gain or with the discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives. In some cases, certain medications can also trigger excessive hair growth.

Frequently asked questions about hirsutism
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Treatments against Hirsutism

With dark, pigmented hair, the preference at Huidzorg West is to treat with laser depilation. With laser hair removal, the existing hairs are heated with a safe and effective laser in order to damage or even destroy the hair follicles through this heat. By damaging or destroying the hair follicles, the volume of hair will decrease and the ultimate goal of the treatment will be to reduce to 80-90% the total hair growth in the area to be treated.

If the hair is blonde, light, grey or reddish, electric epilation is preferable. This is an alternative treatment method for effectively reducing unwanted hair growth.

Treatments against Hirsutism

Frequently Asked Questions


Hirsutism involves abnormal hair growth in women in the following places:

  • The face, such as the cheeks, where a beard would be or upper lip.
  • Line between the breasts or shoulders.
  • Line up between the belly button and between the pubic hair.
  • On the inside of the thighs.

Yes. It is advisable, however, to consult your GP or specialist for further examination of the hormones, as these hormones can affect new development of hair follicles, which can influence the result.

Laser hair removal in the face may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement from the health insurance supplementary package, for specific information please contact the health insurer about your supplementary package.

It is important to take good care of the skin during intensive treatment. If you frequently use razors, depilatory creams or waxing at home, make sure you moisturise your skin with Eucerin body lotion. Any in-growing hair can be prevented by regularly exfoliating with a scrub glove or with the Neostrata lotion plus. With the help of this exfoliating cream, you can activate the skin to renew faster, making it easier for new hairs to grow out of the skin.

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