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Hypertrichosis is excessive hair growth in places where there is naturally already some hair growth.

There may be an increase in down hair or even stiffer hair. The hairs may also be longer in length or increased in number. Hypertrichosis occurs in both men and women, and occurs in puberty. Hypertrichosis can cause a feeling of shame and uncertainty due to the abnormal appearance of excessive hair. Hypertrichosis can often be confused with hirsutism, a condition that only occurs in women.

Frequently asked questions about hypertrichosis
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Treatments against Hypertrichosis

The abnormal excess hair can be effectively treated by laser hair removal. This is a long-lasting solution to reduce or even completely remove the disturbing hair growth. At Huidzorg West we work with the most advanced and effective laser from Candela, the Gentle Max Pro. Both light and dark skin types can be treated safely and effectively with this laser.

If the hair is blonde, grey or reddish, electric depilation can be chosen as an alternative. This is an intensive treatment and is more often used for smaller treatment areas. As hypertrichosis often covers larger areas, laser hair removal is preferred.

Treatments against Hypertrichosis

Frequently Asked Questions


Hypertrichosis is often hereditary. Hypertrichosis is common in people who originate from countries around the Mediterranean or Asian countries. They have a light skin, but dark hair colour. As a result, downy hair can be distinctive.

Another cause of hypertrichosis can be found in the use of certain medications or underlying diseases. Examples include anorexia nervosa, slow acting thyroid gland, infection diseases or certain cancers.

Laser hair removal using the Gentle Max Pro or electric depilation.

Depending on the area to be treated, it may be determined whether hair removal will be reimbursed by the health insurance company. Ask your own health insurance whether your supplementary package is sufficient for a possible reimbursement.

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