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Sinus Pilonidalis

A pilonidal sinus is also called a hairline cyst. These are mainly located in the buttocks; a pilonidal sinus is a cavity under the skin that can be filled with hair. In addition to inflammation, this cyst can also cause pain or secrete blood and/or fluid. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, it may initially be decided to surgically remove the cyst.

Frequently asked questions about sinus pilonidalis
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Treatments against Sinus Pilonidalis

Preventing the existing hairline cyst from worsening or the recurrence of this extremely annoying condition can be limited by permanently removing the irritating hair growth. The hair growth will be reduced or completely removed with the help of advanced laser hair removal technology.

Treatments against Sinus Pilonidalis

Frequently Asked Questions

Sinus Pilonidalis

The origin of this condition is not yet completely clear. In some cases, there is a relationship with excess hair in the buttocks, but this is not always the case. The hair is thought to grow in from the outside, making laser hair removal an effective treatment in the prevention of pilonidal sinus.

The most effective treatment option is laser hair removal using the Gentle Max Pro.

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Laser hair removal can be safely started once the wound has healed. Once the skin is closed, the laser can be safely applied to prevent recurrent pilonidal sinus.

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