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Melasma is also called a pregnancy mask and has a hormonal cause. Melasma is characterised by pigmentation spots in the face. This is due to a surplus of melanin, the building material of pigment. The pigmentation spots often develop gradually due to a combination of sunlight and hormonal changes, such as taking the pill and going through a pregnancy. This brown discolouration mainly occurs on the face: on the forehead, upper lip or cheekbones.

Frequently asked questions about melasma
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Treatments against Melasma

At Huidzorg West we offer various skin therapies for melasma. Depending on your requirements, we will decide on an appropriate treatment. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and assess your skin. Then we come up with a tailor-made treatment plan.The following methods are used for this condition:

Frequently Asked Questions


Melasma is the most difficult pigment problem to treat. The pigment is located deeper in the skin, making it more difficult to treat. After considerable research, Huidzorg West started using the Toskani Spot out Kit plus. This is the most effective treatment for deeper pigment. Depending on the appearance of the skin, this treatment is combined with the fractionated laser or a chemical peel where possible. By using these different treatment methods, the skin therapist can effectively treat the melasma.

Unfortunately, melasma is a chronic pigment disorder. With the use of treatment methods, the skin therapist can reduce the symptoms but not the cause. With melasma, new pigmentation spots can always be formed. This can be maintained through follow-up treatment and good skin care.

Melasma is caused by overproduction of the pigment ‘melanin’. Although the condition usually arises in response to hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, use of the contraceptive pill and hormonal fluctuations, other factors such as UV exposure, heredity, age and certain medications can also play a part.

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