All skin details perfectly in view.

OBSERV Skin Scan

Performing a comprehensive and detailed skin scan is a prerequisite for achieving the desired treatment result.
The OBSERV skin scan provides insight into the health of the deeper skin layers. By applying the various filters during the skin scan, complaints such as UV damage, clogged pores, pigmentation disorders, active blood circulation or high sebaceous gland production can be detected. Based on the results of the skin scan, an effective and efficient treatment plan can be drawn up.

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What does the treatment involve?

OBSERV Skin Scan

The OBSERV skin scan provides the opportunity to critically examine the health of the deeper skin layers. Using the OBSERV 520X, the skin will be in focus in 8 seconds. Depending on where the symptoms are located, the photos will be captured from different angles.

The razor-sharp image shows even the smallest skin details and is captured and marked using advanced technology.

The treatment

Step 11

You cleanse your skin 2 hours before the initial consultation to avoid influences from possible ingredients in your cleansing product.

Step 22

After a brief conversation with the skin therapist, she will guide you to the OBSERVE 520X skin scanner.

Step 33

With the help of the skin therapist’s instructions, you will sit with your chin on the designated stand that will be placed in different positions.

Together with the skin therapist, you check whether you are looking straight into the camera image, after which the skin therapist records the clear image of your current skin condition.

Step 44

After creating the razor-sharp image, the skin therapist will discuss the results with you.

She will then give a personal treatment advice with supporting products to further improve your skin condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

OBSERV Skin Scan

The OBSERVE Skin Scanner can record the following skin indications:

Skin surface

The photos taken will be used to support the provision of the appropriate skin therapy advice. The photos will be retaken after a number of treatments, so that they can be compared with previous sessions.

If you wish, the photos and corresponding advice can be sent to you by email.

The photos will only be used for marketing purposes with your permission.

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