Tackling visible vessels in the face.


When vascular walls are weakened and the skin becomes thinner, small vessels may become visible on the skin surface. Telangiectasia is redness in the face that does not go away. Telangiectasia often occurs on your cheeks, chin or nose, but can also occur on your neck or in your décolleté. The vessels may sometimes feel burning or itchy. Telangiectasia is also known as spider veins.

Telangiectasia can be caused by heredity, skin type, medications or large temperature differences. It usually occurs after the age of 30.

Frequently asked questions about telangiectasia
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Treatments against Telangiectasia

The skin therapists at Huidzorg West specialise in reducing redness and visible vascular structures. At Huidzorg West we have the latest and innovative IPL and laser equipment. Telangiectasia is treated with IPL and/or laser treatments. Which treatment method is most effective can be discussed during a consultation after a thorough inspection of the vessels present.

During the treatment, the burst blood vessels, which have no function, are safely removed. The blood in the vessels is heated by the IPL and/or laser equipment, without damaging the surrounding skin. Heating allows the vessel walls to stick together, and the lymphatic system will clean out these damaged or broken blood vessels. The result is a smoother skin with less redness.

Frequently Asked Questions


We often see telangiectasia developing from middle age. The development of telangiectasia often goes hand in hand with skin ageing. Heredity or overexposure to sunlight can also play an important role in the development of telangiectasia.

Triggering factors that may aggravate telangiectasia symptoms are: smoking, pregnancy, alcohol, extreme temperature changes and certain medication.

It is important to avoid the triggers of telangiectasia as much as possible. These include moderating alcoholic drinks, quitting smoking, avoiding spicy food and extreme temperature changes (e.g. a sauna).

Already suffering from visible vessels? Then it is possible to camouflage the telangiectasia using make-up products that do not further irritate the skin. Consider Jane Iredale’s mineral-based make-up products.

Depending on the vessels visible, the skin therapist may decide to use IPL therapy or Nd:YAG laser therapy.

Telangiectasia is also often mistaken for rosacea, but these are two different skin conditions. In Telangiectasia there is only red and blue/purple veins present in the face.

Rosacea often also has other complaints, such as: red bumps, pus heads and swelling. These complaints do not occur in telangiectasia.

Whether your treatment for this condition is eligible for reimbursement depends on your health insurance and supplementary health insurance package. You can contact your health insurer to inquire about the exact reimbursement. View our rates for the various treatment options.

View our price list for the costs of treating telangiectasia.

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