Effectively reduce or eliminate redness.

Redness and blood vessel laser treatment

Redness and visible vascular structures can be seen both on the body and the face. This is often caused by visible reddening or vascular structures, whereby blood vessels become dilated, causing a blockage of blood just below the skin. Consequently, small veins become visible or cause a scattered reddening of the skin.The skin therapists at Huidzorg West can effectively treat vascular abnormalities and thereby reduce them or even make them disappear altogether.



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What does the treatment involve?

Redness and blood vessel laser treatment

At Huidzorg West we offer various treatments for redness and veins. During the initial consultation, we look at your symptoms and the condition of your skin. Based on this, the skin therapist will draw up an appropriate treatment plan with you.The treatments are carried out with IPL treatment, VBEAM pulsed dye laser or the Candela Gentle Max Pro, ND Yag laser. In the case of diffuse redness and various vascular abnormalities, IPL or laser offers an effective and safe solution. Of course, we recommend the most effective treatment method. The wide range of different IPL and laser equipment enables us at Huidzorg West to treat all vascular disorders in the most effective way.

The treatment

Step 11

The skin is cleansed and the vessels are marked with a skin pencil

Step 22

During the treatment, it is necessary to wear glasses to protect the eyes

Step 33

The marked area is treated. Pulses connected to the device are applied to the treatment area

Step 44

The skin is then treated with an Aloe Vera gel or Bionic after-treatment cream

Frequently Asked Questions

Redness and blood vessel laser treatment

The laser treatment for redness emits a pulse of the correct wavelength, which is absorbed by the redness or vessels that are heated as a result.
By heating the blood vessel, the blood vessel breaks down, so that the blood can no longer flow properly.As a result, the body clears the broken or damaged blood vessel and the redness or the visible vessel will be reduced.

The vascular abnormality lightens or disappears, giving the skin a more even appearance

On average, 1 to 3 treatments are necessary for the desired result, in some cases more treatments are required. Various factors influence the end result, such as the depth and size of the vessels, the location, intensity of colour, skin type and sun exposure.
By looking at the reaction of the skin immediately after the treatment, the skin therapist can estimate whether the vessels are responding to the treatment. The interval between treatments is between 4- 8 weeks. Your skin needs this time to eliminate treated blood vessels.

After the treatment, the skin may look red and swollen. Aloe vera is recommended for after treatment.

Following the vascular treatment, the skin may be camouflaged with mineral make-up. Huidzorg West works with Jane Iredale products. The products are opaque, provide protection and have soothing properties.

The Huidzorg West skin therapist always gives skin care advice in order to carefully treat the skin at home.

Until the redness has completely disappeared, avoid the following:

  • Application of cosmetics to the treated area
  • Swimming, especially in pools with chemicals, such as chlorine
  • Hot tubs and jacuzzis
  • Activities that create a lot of perspiration

Enkele vaatjes / klein oppervlak from 100.00
Medium surface area vanaf 150.00
Large surface area from 195.00
Extra big surface from 225.00

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