Spots of small blood vessels together.

Spider Veins

The name Spider Vein also refers to a ‘spider’s head’. This is because this blood vessel disorder resembles the body of a spider. A spider vein is a benign bulge of a blood vessel. In the centre a clear red bump is visible in which fine red vessels fan out, like the legs of a spider.

These spots mainly occur on the face, on the décolleté, neck or on the hands. If several vessels occur together, it is also called telangiectasia.

Frequently asked questions about spider veins
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Treatments against Spider Veins

A spider vein is a dilated blood vessel with small blood vessel outgrowths. These can be removed very effectively and accurately using IPL and/or laser equipment. The IPL and/or laser equipment warms the blood in the bulging middle part of the spider vein. As a result, this blood vessel is destroyed and cleared by the body, after which the small offshoots will also die due to lack of nutrition from the middle part.

The precise and accurate work using the IPL and/or laser equipment avoids the surrounding skin as much as possible and the impact will only take place on the dilated vessel.

Treatments against Spider Veins

Frequently Asked Questions

Spider Veins

How a spider vein is formed is unknown. This blood vessel disorder can develop spontaneously and disappear on its own. A spider vein can occur at any age, but is most commonly seen in children and pregnant women. Spider veins can also occur after trauma.

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On average, 1-3 treatments are required to effectively remove the spider veins.

To make the spider vein less noticeable, you can expertly camouflage the spot using Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup products.

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