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Venous lake

A venous lake is a blood-filled cavity and is usually located on the lower lip. It is a dark blue shimmering bump, which can also be purple or almost black in colour. The spot can often be pushed away, but will fill up again after a few seconds. These spots can grow up to 1 centimetre in size.

Frequently asked questions about venous lake
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Treatments against Venous lake

A venous lake can be treated effectively and safely by means of the Nd:YAG. As the cavity is filled with blood and has a blood vessel detachment as its source, the laser can heat up the blood and the vessel walls will clamp together. This causes the blood vessel to be damaged and/or broken, and the lymphatic system can clear it up. This will reduce and/or completely eradicate the bump.

Treatments against Venous lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Venous lake

A venous lake is sometimes confused with a blood blister. It is a cavity that has filled with blood as a result of a widening of blood vessels. A venous lake often appaears spontaneously and mainly in places that are exposed to sunlight. A venous lake often develops at an older age and can occur in both men and women.

A venous lake is a benign skin condition.

If the blood vessel has been removed correctly, it will not come back.

A venous lake can be removed most effectively with the Nd:YAG laser.

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