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Cherry warts

Cherry warts are also known as senile angiomas or cherry angiomas. The red spots on the skin are benign and occur in almost every older person.

Cherry warts are very common. These red swelling links can appear from puberty, but they are mainly seen from middle age. They are semicircular spots on various parts of the body, and in some cases in the head area.

The red swellings can be up to several millimetres in size. They never appear alone, and often occur in larger numbers on the upper body.

Frequently asked questions about cherry warts
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Treatments against Cherry warts

At Huidzorg West we work with the most advanced IPL and/or laser equipment that is extremely suitable for removing these cherry warts. In addition to this treatment technique, electrocoagulation can also be applied, in which the vessel is “cauterised” by means of heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cherry warts

Cherry warts are a blood vessel disease. A local increase in a heavily dilated vessel in the skin causes the red bulge on the skin. Cherry warts can therefore be treated most effectively with IPL and/or laser equipmentor electrocoagulation.

The following treatment methods can be used for the effective removal of cherry warts:

If cherry warts are treated with IPL and/or laser equipment, the blood in the locally dilated blood vessel will be heated. As a result, the vessel walls will stick together and the body will clean up the broken vessel.

The cherry wart will be grey in colour immediately after treatment and may develop a small scab.

The skin around the cherry wart may turn slightly red due to the heat from the IPL and/or laser equipment.

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