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Diffuse redness

Diffuse redness is referred to as redness or red spots on the face or neck and décolleté without visible vascular structures. Usually this diffuse redness is on the face around the nose and on the cheeks. Diffuse redness also often occurs in combination with other skin conditions, such as telangiectasia or rosacea.The development of diffuse redness is often related to a hereditary factor. The diffuse redness is more noticeable and more frequent, especially with light skin types.

Frequently asked questions about diffuse redness
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Treatments against Diffuse redness

At Huidzorg West we have the most innovative and advanced IPL and laser equipment that can effectively reduce diffuse redness.With the Nordlys IPL system, the minute superficial vascular structures, which cause the redness, can be heated with a very short pulse duration (treatment time). This can cause the vessel walls to break or collapse, allowing the lymphatic system to clean up the broken vessel structures.

The Nordlys is known for its specialisation in extremely short pulse durations and thus the increased effectiveness in achieving the intended treatment results for diffuse redness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diffuse redness

Diffuse redness is often hereditary. The exact cause is not known. However, diffuse redness is often seen in combination with other vascular disorders, such as: rosacea, poikiloderma or spider nerves.

Treating diffuse redness yourself is very difficult. However, triggering factors can be avoided as much as possible. These include: smoking, alcohol consumption, spicy food, extreme temperature changes and irritants on the skin.

Do you want to camouflage the diffuse redness? Then pay attention to using the right make-up products that do not further irritate the skin. Use mineral makeup products from Jane Iredale for this. These make-up products camouflage and care for the skin in an appropriate way.

Because the vascular structures in diffuse redness are of such a small nature, a treatment with the Nordlys IPL is often given as advice. With the help of this advanced IPL system, the blood in the smallest blood vessels can be heated, causing damage or destruction of the vessel walls. After which the body can eliminate it and the present redness is reduced.

Whether your treatment for this condition is eligible for reimbursement depends on your health insurance and supplementary health insurance package. You can contact your health insurer to inquire about the exact reimbursement. See our rates for the different treatment options.

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