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Port-wine stain

A port-wine stain, also called Naevus Flammeus, is a congenital vascular abnormality in the skin. A port-wine stain is already visible from birth and occurs in 0.1 to 2% of newborn babies. A port-wine stain is a visible pink to purple stain that is present from birth and also grows with the child. The colour of the port-wine stain can change over the years from light pink to darker (red to purple) and also become thicker in texture. Port-wine stains usually appear on the face or neck, but can also occur on other parts of the body. The size of a port-wine stain can vary from a few centimetres to many centimetres.

Frequently asked questions about port-wine stain
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Treatments against Port-wine stain

A port-wine stain can be effectively treated by camouflage therapy or laser and/or IPL therapy. When properly taught, camouflaging techniques with smudge-proof and waterproof products can temporarily reduce the visible stain. If desired and where possible, the birthmark can be treated with the advanced IPL and/or laser equipment at Huidzorg West.

Frequently Asked Questions

Port-wine stain

The cause of a port-wine stain is unknown. Research does seem to show that a certain gene can play an important role, but this is under further investigation. A port-wine stain occurs because the small capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) in the skin are dilated, giving off a pink to purple colour. It is therefore also referred to as a blood vessel disease.

By properly camouflaging the port-wine stain, it can be made less noticeable.

In some cases, the port-wine stain can be treated effectively with the help of the right IPL and/or laser equipment.Providing the right wipe- and water-resistant camouflage products can also be of great added value in making the port-wine stain less noticeable.

A birthmark is often confused with a port-wine stain. This is because both conditions can be present from birth.

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