Hyperpigmentation is a thing of the past.

Toskani Spot out Kit plus

The SPOT OUT treatment is a treatment to eliminate hyperpigmentation. With hyperpigmentation, a patch of skin is darker than the rest of the skin. This treatment removes and reduces dark spots by slowing down the “melanogenesis process”.


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What does the treatment involve?

Toskani Spot out Kit plus

The Spot Out treatment is designed to reduce deeper pigmentation spots, without affecting the skin tone. It evens out the tone and glow of the skin and leads to an anti-ageing effect and overall improvement of the skin.

The treatment will be performed partly in the practice, and then you will continue to actively treat the skin with a home treatment cream in the months following the treatment.

The treatment

Step 11

3 to 5 days prior to the treatment your skin will be pre-treated with an mandelic acid peel

Step 22

The skin is cleansed with a facial cleanser and detoxified with a lotion

Step 33

The skin therapist applies the Toskani Spot Out mask over the entire face

Step 44

Depending on your skin type, the skin therapist will give you instructions for at home. These are instructions on how to apply the mask and how to remove the mask after the required time

Step 55

After removing the face mask, the skin may be cared for with the Total Recovery Crème provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Toskani Spot out Kit plus

The skin can be red and feel tight after the Spot out treatment. Medium to severe flaking may occur in the first 3 days after treatment.

Depending on your skin type, the Spot Out mask will remain on your skin for 6-12 hours, which is why we do not recommend working out that day or doing activities that may involve touching the skin.

The first week after the treatment, your skin needs time to recover. After the first week, apply the Spot out cream twice a day for the first 3 months.

After these three months, the frequency will be reduced to 1x per day. This will be maintained for at least 6 months after treatment.

In consultation with the skin therapist, it will be discussed whether it is desirable to continue moisturising with the Spot out cream at a lower frquency.

On the day of the Spot out treatment, it is not possible to camouflage the skin with make-up products. In the days and/or months following the treatment, we recommend applying mineral-based make-up products to the skin. Jane Iredale makeup products are safe to camouflage the skin.

The ingredients in both the treatment and the home treatment cream inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase.

This reduces or completely removes excess pigment. This improves the function of the macrophages in the skin and protects the skin from free radicals.

Depending on your supplementary health insurance package, the Spot out treatment can be reimbursed from the Camouflage package. Do you want to know more about this? Take a look at this handy overview.

The treatment does not hurt, but may feel uncomfortable at times. The ingredients in the mask can make you feel tingly to prickly. In the days following the treatment, the skin may feel dry and tight, but you may apply the accompanying care cream liberally.

The Spot out treatment lasts on average 30 minutes.

The spot out kit is applied to:

Toskani SPOT OUT peeling from 395.00
SPOT OUT cream from 120.00
Preparatory peel from 85.00

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