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Café-au-lait spots

Café-au-lait spots are uniform pigment spots, which have the colour of coffee with milk. They are harmless pigmentation spots that are present from birth. As a child ages, this pigmentation can become larger and darker. It occurs in 10 to 20 percent of the population. The pigment spots have an oval shape and have a sharp feel to the sides.

Frequently asked questions about café-au-lait spots
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Treatments against Café-au-lait spots

At Huidzorg West we offer various skin therapies for Cafe-au-lait spots. Depending on your requirements, we will decide on an appropriate treatment. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and assess your skin. Then we come up with a tailor-made treatment plan.The following methods are used for this condition:

Treatments against Café-au-lait spots

Frequently Asked Questions

Café-au-lait spots

Often a Café-au-lait spot can be treated effectively and efficiently by IPL or laser therapy. The pigmentation will lighten in a Café-au-lait spot but it will almost never completely disappear.

Huidzorg West has both the Nordlys from Ellipse, an IPL device and a Gentle max Pro Alexandrite laser.

The IPL or laser emits a pulse of the right wavelength, which is absorbed by the pigment present. It is then heated, causing the body to break down the pigment. Such a short pulse may feel warm. We only treat the pigment spot, the surrounding skin is not affected.

The cause is unknown. The pigment cells release more pigment in the area. Also, the concentration of pigment between the skin cells is greater.

See our pricelist for the cost of treating café-au-lait spots.

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