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Normal scar

Usually a wound heals without many problems, what remains is a white (pigmentless) strand or spot. As a reaction to the wound, the skin has produced its own connective tissue and wound healing has proceeded under optimal conditions, resulting in a normal scar.

Frequently asked questions about normal scar
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Treatments against Normal scar

Scars can be effectively treated at Huidzorg West. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and assess your skin, then draw up a customised treatment plan. Scars can be treated effectively by:

Treatments against Normal scar

Frequently Asked Questions

Normal scar

These scars are usually caused by the use of a surgical tool.

Huidzorg West effectively treats scars with a fractional laser. This method is mainly used to reduce the appearance of scars. In addition to improving the skin structure, any red and dark skin discolouration is also reduced.

Chemical exfoliation is often used to treat scars. An example of an effective peel is a TCA peel. This peel improves the superficial skin structures and flattens scars. This method is often combined in a treatment process with the fractional laser.

This is a treatment method that mechanically removes the upper layers of the skin. Abrasion literally means “grinding off” or ” sanding down”. This replaces old skin cells with new ones. The production of new connective tissue cells is also stimulated, so that the skin can look fresher and smoother. Microdermabrasion treatment is often combined with chemical peeling or fractional laser for the best possible treatment result.

It is important that the skin is given time to recover after surgery. When the skin is closed, a scar cream can be applied to it.

You can also use silicone plasters or silicone cream as a precaution.With the use of silicone plasters and silicone gel, scars can soften and flatten within weeks to months. In addition, its use reduces redness, pain and itching.

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