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Self-mutilation scars

Self-mutilation is scarring caused by self-harm. The reason behind self-harm varies from person to person. Psychological problems such as anxiety, anger, sadness or a negative self-image can lead to self-harm. Depending on the skin damage, scar tissue may develop.

Frequently asked questions about self-mutilation scars
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Treatments against Self-mutilation scars

We can treat self-harm scars at Huidzorg West. Depending on the appearance of the skin, the skin therapist can estimate which treatment is most effective in the case of self-harm scarring.
During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and assess your skin. We will then create a tailor-made treatment plan. Self-mutilation scars can be treated by:

Treatments against Self-mutilation scars

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-mutilation scars

Self-mutilation can leave various types of scars. Factors that affect the scars include:

  • Depth of injury
  • Tension on the skin
  • Location on the body
  • Occurrence of infections
  • Skin colour

If the skin is damaged several times in the same place, the risk of a visible scar is greater.

Emphasis on treatment for self-mutilation scars lies on reducing the visibility of the scars and the contact with the undamaged skin. For example, the skin may show pigmentation variations, or redness or differences in texture may be in the foreground. In the case of self-mutilation scars, it is important that the skin has not been damaged for a long time.

Huidzorg West treats self-mutilation scars effectively with a fractional laser. This method is mainly used to reduce the appearance of scars. This can be done with both atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars. In addition to improving the skin’s structure, it also reduces any red and dark skin discolouration.

For self-mutilation scars, chemical peels are often used. An example of an effective peel is a TCA peel. This peel improves the superficial skin structures and flattens the scars. This method is often combined in a treatment process with the fractional laser.

It is not always possible to start a laser treatment or peel immediately in the case of self-mutilation scars. Here, a camouflaging product can offer a solution. By using a special fixing product, the camouflage is resistant to water and smudging.

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