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Edema therapy

At Huidzorg West, you can receive treatment for any form of oedema. Edema therapy is applied to different types of edema, such as: venous edema, lymphedema and lipedema.




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What does the treatment involve?

Edema therapy

Various treatment methods are suitable for reducing oedema. The treatment is customised to suit the needs of the client. Various treatment methods and the use of different techniques are used during the treatment process. A combination of the various techniques and treatment methods is also called comprehensive oedema therapy.

Oedema therapy usually starts with manual lymph drainage, which is then combined with other treatment methods.

The treatment

Step 11

The patient makes sure that the part of the body affected by oedema is exposed

Step 22

The skin therapist will perform a size measurement, in case of arms and/or legs, or apply the lymphatic scanner to an area where no size measurement can be performed. The skin therapist will start with the stimulation of the lymph nodes and will thereafter activate the network of the lymphatic vessels by means of manual lymph drainage

Step 33

If necessary, the skin therapist will apply other treatment methods in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment

Step 44

The skin therapist will discuss with the patient which exercises and/or actions the patient can do at home to achieve further reduction or stabilisation.

Step 55

De huidtherapeut zal met de patiënt overleggen over welke oefeningen en/of opdrachten de patiënt thuis kan toepassen om verdere afnamen of stabilisatie te realiseren

Frequently Asked Questions

Edema therapy

With a gentle pumping movement of the hands, the fine network of lymph vessels directly under the skin in the oedema area is stimulated. The skin therapist uses special grips, so-called oedema and fibrosis grips, to treat the skin and the underlying tissue with lymphatic vessels in a very targeted way.

With oedema grips, the skin therapist guides the excess fluid through the tissue to a place where it is more easily absorbed. With fibrosis grips, the skin therapist makes hardened tissue (fibrosis) more supple, so that the fluid flows through it more easily and the aching stiffness decreases.

Endermotherapy/ LPG, Willie Fourie Fascia techniques, deep oscillation, ambulatory compression therapy, lymphatic taping, intermittent pneumatic compression therapy, therapeutic elastic stockings, scar treatment, wound care and movement and nutrition advice.

Depending on the degree of oedema and the number of symptoms associated with the oedema, a treatment course may vary from several months to several years.

The aim of Huidzorg West is to carry out a measurement after every six treatments and to start an appropriate phasing-out programme based on the results.

Oedema therapy treatments are subject to a specific regulation. Each health insurance company has a fixed rate for these therapies.

In case of a chronic condition, the first 20 treatments are covered by the additional package; from the 21st treatment, the treatments are covered by the basic health insurance.

If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are at your own expense, after which a claim can be made under the basic insurance.

In the event that you have already made a claim on your supplementary package or have used up the maximum number of treatments, because you have had other therapies (physio, exercise), for example, the oedema therapy may also be at your own expense.We recommend that you contact your health insurance company as a matter of course.

Skin therapists are readily accessible, which means that you do not need a referral for your first appointment.

Should your oedema therapy require insured care, you will be asked at the time of the first consultation to arrange for a referral from your specialist or GP.

Depending on the symptoms, oedema therapy can be used for lymphoedema, venous oedema, lipoedema, scars and wound care.

Edema therapy 30 min 52.00*
Fitting of aids 30 min 51.00

* A specific arrangement applies for the above treatments. Every health insurer has a fixed rate for these therapies. In the case of a chronic indication, the 1st 20 treatments come from the supplementary package, from treatment 21st the treatments come from the basic insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are for your own account, after which you can claim the basic insurance.

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