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Willie Fourie Fascia Techniques

At Huidzorg West, you can receive treatment for any form of oedema. The Willie Fourie Fascia technique is a good way to reduce complaints.

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What does the treatment involve?

Willie Fourie Fascia Techniques

The Willie Fourie Fascia Technique is a treatment method that connects the connective tissue of the entire body and ensures smooth movements. Due to an accident, surgery or radiotherapy, adhesions can develop in the fascia layers. This can cause pain, tightness in the tissue and movement limitations.

Intensive massage strokes loosen the adhesions, thus reducing the complaints. By reducing adhesions and improving circulation, this therapy has a very positive effect on lymphoedema, scars and radiofibrosis.

The treatment

Step 11

The therapist determines the area where the adhesions are located

Step 22

The Willie Fourie Fascia Techniques are applied, this can be in combination with additional treatment methods such as: oedema therapy, endermotherapy and deep osscilation

Step 33

The treatment progress is evaluated every six treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Willie Fourie Fascia Techniques

Depending on the treatment indication, this treatment may qualify for a reimbursement from the supplementary health insurance.

This therapy is often used in combination with oedema therapy, in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

The loosening of the adhesions can be unpleasant. The skin therapist will take your pain limit into account at all times and adjust the treatment accordingly.

Various treatment methods are suitable for reducing oedema. The treatment is tailor-made for each person and their condition.

We often use different treatment methods; the simultaneous application of different techniques is called integral oedema therapy.

Edema therapy 30 min 51.00*

* A specific arrangement applies for the above treatments. Every health insurer has a fixed rate for these therapies. In the case of a chronic indication, the 1st 20 treatments come from the supplementary package, from treatment 21st the treatments come from the basic insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are for your own account, after which you can claim the basic insurance.

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