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Compression stockings

Support stockings can be used to alleviate the symptoms of various medical indications, ages, professions and lifestyles. Support stockings are available in different colours, sizes and pressure classes. As a result, they can be perfectly adapted to any healthcare demand.

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What does the treatment involve?

Compression stockings

At Huidzorg West, the skin therapists specialise in fitting support stockings and/or other aids to reduce fluid. Fitting the support stockings can be done for both arms and legs.If necessary, you can also look at other additional aids that give compression to the affected part of the body, such as the pubic region or the breasts.

The treatment

Step 11

The skin therapist will assess whether a compression stocking can be applied

Step 22

The skin therapist will measure the stocking with the aid of various measuring tools

Step 33

Depending on your care requirements, lifestyle, mobility and degree of oedema, the therapist will make a well-considered choice in the type of stocking

Step 44

The therapeutic stocking will be tailor-made for you and delivered within 4 weeks

Step 55

Together with your skin therapist you will try on the stocking and the skin therapist will go through important points with you concerning the use of the therapeutic stocking

Frequently Asked Questions

Compression stockings

The fitting of compression stockings is part of integral oedema therapy. Support stockings are an addition to your treatment to reduce the symptoms and fluid accumulation. Your stocking will be fitted during the oedema treatment.

Support stockings are reimbursed from the basic insurance. However, please take your excess into account.However, it is important that you have a referral from your GP or specialist in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Most health insurers reimburse 2 pairs of stockings per year.

Therapeutic stockings are used for chronic venous insufficiency, lymphoedema, lipoedema or after wound healing on a limb.

Edema therapy 30 min 51.00*
Fitting of aids 30 min 51.00

Special arrangements apply to the above treatments. Every health insurance company has a fixed rate for these therapies.

For chronic conditions, the first 20 treatments are covered by the additional package; from the 21st treatment onwards, the treatments are covered by the basic health insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are at your own expense, after which a claim can be made under the basic insurance.

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