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Fitting tools edema

Tools can be the ultimate support for integrated edema therapy. A device can also be used as an alternative on body parts where compression is difficult to provide by means of support stockings. Devices are tailored to the patient’s location, pressure classes and independence.

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What does the treatment involve?

Fitting tools edema

The fitting of aids means that a suitable aid in the form of compression is examined for each complaint and need. This may include the application of compression in the chest or genital area.
This may include looking at devices that can loosen fibrotic tissue. A device is used to promote the result to be achieved during the integrated oedema therapy.

The treatment

Step 11

The skin therapist will discuss the symptoms and the options of the possible aids with you

Step 22

The aid will be measured appropriately

Step 33

The aid will be made for you or tailor-made

Step 44

The first time the skin therapist will try out the aid with you and give wearing advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitting tools edema

The fitting of devices is part of the integrated oedema therapy. Tools are a supplement in your treatment to reduce the symptoms and fluid accumulation. Your stocking will be fitted during the oedema treatment.

Auxiliary aids are reimbursed from the basic insurance. However, you should take your excess into account.

It is important that you have a referral from your general practitioner or specialist to be eligible for reimbursement.

Devices are designed for parts of the body where other forms of compression are difficult, such as the chest or genital area, neck or face.

Various types of medical devices are available, such as Velcro bandages, thorax bandages, fibrosis pads, lymph tape, on and/or off devices.

Edema therapy 30 min 51.00*
Fitting of aids 30 min 51.00

* A specific arrangement applies for the above treatments. Every health insurer has a fixed rate for these therapies. In the case of a chronic indication, the 1st 20 treatments come from the supplementary package, from treatment 21st the treatments come from the basic insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are for your own account, after which you can claim the basic insurance.

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