Removal of benign spots.


Benign skin tumours or skin patches are common. At Huidzorg West we can effectively and safely remove various benign skin spots including age warts, xanthelasma, benign moles and pigmentation spots by means of curettage, also known as the shave method.

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What does the treatment involve?


Depending on the ‘type’ of spot, it may be treated by curettage, also known as the shave method. During curettage, superficial irregularities are scraped away with a sterile and sharp metal ring (curette).

At Huidzorg West the curettage treatment is often combined with coagulation or the CryoPen. The most suitable treatment method is considered for each benign skin spot. The skin therapist then determines the treatment plan.

The treatment

Step 11

The area on and around the benign skin tumour is thoroughly cleaned

Step 22

and the skin spot is removed by curettage. During curettage, superficial irregularities are scraped away with a sterile and sharp metal ring (curette).

After removing the benign skin spot, it is often treated with coagulation

Step 33

The skin spot is treated with a after-treatment cream

Frequently Asked Questions


Benign skin patches can consist of various structures such as keratin, veins, pigment and connective tissue. Depending on various indicators, the skin therapist determines whether the spot should be further checked by the general practitioner or dermatologist.

Depending on the type of skin spot and the number of spots, an average of 1-3 treatments are necessary. During an initial consultation, the skin therapist makes an estimate of the number of necessary treatments.

The treatment for benign skin spots can feel sensitive and warm. Depending on your pain threshold and location, the skin therapist may recommend a sedative cream.

Treatment of some benign skin abnormalities lasts 15 minutes.

After the treatment, the skin will be red and slightly swollen. A scab will form on the treated skin, which will heal in 7-14 days.

For the first 6-8 weeks after treatment, the treated skin is particularly sensitive to UV radiation. We recommend that the skin is well protected with SPF30 or higher.

There are several treatment methods that can be used to remove benign skin spots. These are: cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, curettage and laser therapy.

Depending on the health insurance, the treatment may be reimbursed. As a rule, treatment of benign skin spots is not covered by the supplementary insurance. Check the policy conditions to see if the treatment is (partly) reimbursed.

Single spot fixed price 55.00
Up to 5 spots fixed price 75.00
Up to 10 spots fixed price 125.00

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