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Fibromas (also known as skin tags) are benign, small growths in your skin. Fibromas vary in size and are generally skin-coloured, but they can also be slightly pigmented. These skin tags mainly occur on your face, neck and under your armpits.

Frequently asked questions about fibromas
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Treatments against Fibromas

We can treat fibromas effectively and safely. In many cases, a combination of the different treatment methods is used. Depending on the size of the spot, among other things, they can be removed by:

Treatments against Fibromas

Frequently Asked Questions


In many cases, the Huidzorg West skin therapists use a combination of the various treatment techniques.

The most suitable treatment technique is assessed for each spot of skin. Fibromas are often small skin lesions, so they can usually be removed easily. By removing the fibromas, the skin will have a smoother and more even appearance.

During the electro coagulation treatment, an electric current is sent via a fine needle to the benign skin spot, which is then heated and destroyed. A numbing cream can be used as a pre-treatment; this is especially recommended for larger areas or areas that are more difficult to treat, such as around the eye.

In cryotherapy, the skin spots are treated selectively by freezing the tissue. The aim of this therapy is to make the skin smoother and more even, and the spots become less visible or disappear. The skin then heals without scarring.

It is not entirely clear how fibromas develop, but fortunately they are easy to remove. However, there is a relationship with obesity and hormones. This skin problem often occurs in women after menopause.

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