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New treatment rooms at Huidzorg West

If you haven’t noticed, we’ll tell you about it again. At Huidzorg West, we are in the middle of a renovation. In our practice, we are in the process of renovating our treatment rooms.

We would like to include you in our plans and update through this renovation update. This was planned a year ago, but because of Coronavirus we had to postpone it for a year. Of course, we are very happy that we can now bring the plans to life.

After more than 8 years at the Plein Delftzicht location, it is time for a refresh. The practice is growing and the desire for an additional treatment room is being realised right now.
The waiting room was refurbished more than 4 years ago, which created a more atmospheric ambience. During the current renovation, this atmosphere will be continued in the treatment rooms.

A question of using good helpers

Fortunately, Annamarie van der Meulen, owner of Huidzorg Delft, has a couple of good professionals in her family. Just like four years ago, her brother, architect Marius van der Meulen, facilitated the entire renovation of the waiting room and ensured that every detail was taken into account. From the floor, to the walls, to every crevice in the washing area. Everything is included in the plans.

For the finishing touch, Eva Zwiers, Annamarie’s sister-in-law, took a look at the practice. The treatment rooms are being done up with a nice wallpaper, green plants and as an eye-catching feature, a beautiful lamp. The goal: the treatment rooms become a bit more homely, which hopefully makes everyone even more comfortable.

Some of you have already had a peek inside and others have mainly heard the noise. Fortunately, we have received many enthusiastic comments, and we are happy with that!

Extra treatment room

The biggest change is that we have created an additional treatment room. The large room, also called room 1, is divided into two treatment rooms. This gives us even more opportunities to offer good care and to grow our practice.The workers from the Erik Buitenhuis contracting firm had to make some changes here, such as re-routing pipes. Additional electricity points have also been installed.

We can’t wait for it to be finished. At the moment, the first three treatment rooms are almost ready, after which the workers will continue with the other treatment rooms. We will have to be patient, but we will be happy to help you soon in one of our newly renovated treatment rooms.

renovation huidzorg west

Unfortunately, because we are not the only ones who wanted to renovate, so the painting will only be able to take place in the autumn. We therefore hope that the coronavirus measures will loosen up further by that time and that we will be able to organise another Open Day to show you our updated practice. We also hope to introduce you to even more innovations within Huidzorg West.

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