The best skin care now also available in Rijswijk

Skin therapy, skin improvement and medical treatments in Rijswijk

You read that right. Huidzorg Delft has opened a new location in Rijswijk! Since 1993, we have been taking care of your skin problems and skin care, and now it is time for expansion.

At the Health Centre RijswijkBuiten, Huidzorg Delft & Rijswijk can open its doors for everyone who strives for radiant and healthy skin. Just like our branch in Delft, we will focus on skin therapy, skin improvement and medical treatments. This means that in Rijswijk you can go for acne treatment, scar therapy, pigmentation spots treatment and wrinkles treatment. The new development contributes to the professionalisation of practice. In this health centre, we will work together with other doctors and paramedics to provide the best care to all clients.
Get to know the best care for your skin and request a consultation right away.

We are available on Monday and Thursday afternoons between 14.00 and 17.00.
Skin therapy is reimbursed by the health insurance company, please check the policy conditions.


Huidzorg West | Rijswijk
RijswijkBuiten Health Centre
Van Rijnweg 9
2286 KC Rijswijk

Telephone number: 015 256 1806

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