Best regards from former colleague Fieke Allewelt

Hello everyone,


Let me introduce myself. My name is Fieke Allewelt, former employee of Huidzorg Delft.
From June 2012 to February 2018, I worked as a skin and oedema therapist at Huidzorg Delft.
I enjoyed working here for more than 5.5 years. Due to a move with my husband and family to Veldhoven, Noord Brabant, I said farewell as an employee at Huidzorg Delft at the end of February 2018..

Start at Huidzorg Delft

I also knew Annamarie van der Meulen before I began working for her. We got to know each other during our HBO Skin Therapy programme in Utrecht.
On the first day of introduction, we got to know each other and had a great time studying together. It was clear to me from the day I met Annamarie: she knows what she wants! With a clear picture in mind, she pursued her goals, with results!
I have always seen this reflected in the practice and the way it is run, where the patient and professionalism have always come first. And you should see how Huidzorg Delft has grown in the past 10 years and what they now stand for as a practice under the leadership of Annamarie and her team! Well done!

Experience at Huidzorg Delft

Working at Huidzorg Delft and the care and treatments I was able to give to patients has always given me great satisfaction. The frequent changes in treatments and equipment that I have had the opportunity to work with have always presented me with many challenges and kept me on my toes. I always valued the pursuit of the best care with a personal approach to the patients!
I look back on a wonderful time and working relationship with my colleagues at Huidzorg Delft! I would like to wish Annamarie and her super team all the best for now and the future!

Best regards,
Fieke Allewelt

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