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How quickly time passes. It has been 10 years since I started my own practice as an independent skin therapist. I worked for a number of years in the Haga Hospital in The Hague and also with Maja Kersten in Delft, before I took the step to start my own practice.

After working full-time as a skin therapist for a few years, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. I have always been looking for the best possible care with the best possible treatment techniques and equipment; within the practices I worked for until then, this drive was limited.

The beginning of Huidzorg Delft

When Maja Kersten retired and asked me to continue her practice, this was a great opportunity for me to develop my ideas. On 1 July 2010 I joined her in a partnership, from which Huidzorg Delft was born. This partnership lasted two years, so that Maja Kersten could quietly reduce her work, and I could develop the practice further in the meantime.


At that point, I was only 27 years old, and had a completely open mind. At that time, I only saw opportunities and no fears. In July 2012, I moved the practice to Plein Delftzicht, our current main location. A treatment location where we can offer all treatment methods and where we have grown as a practice, from two to five treatment rooms. In the meantime, two annexes have been added in Rijswijk Buiten and in the Reinier de graaf Hospital.

Did I expect where I would be now and what we have achieved with the practice in recent years? As a 27-year-old, I had not thought about that at all. Looking back, I am extremely proud of Huidzorg Delft. On the quality and integrity that we embrace every day. I am also proud of the excellent collaborations we have established, such as with the health centre in Rijswijk Buiten and the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic in the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. Nowadays, many people know how to find us: Patients and clients, but also district nurses, home care workers, general practitioners and medical specialists. Slowly but surely, we are becoming better known, and because of our approachability, we are easy to reach for everyone.

Huidzorg Delft in the future

What can you expect from Huidzorg Delft in the future? Those who know me, know that I never sit still, I am always looking for new challenges and looking critically at our provision of care, which we continue to improve. It is hard to say where we will be in ten years, but I definitely think that if we continue in the same way as we have been doing for the past ten years, many great things will happen. Always with quality at its core. We will never compromise on this. If the quality remains guaranteed, we will continue to grow little by little. Rijswijk Buiten will be added to this in the coming years as a full-time treatment location, which will also offer new possibilities for treatment options.

Here’s to the hopefully equally wonderful next 10 years!

Kind regards,

Annamarie van der Meulen

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