The coronavirus is continues to spread

Huidzorg Delft temporarily closed due to coronavirus

The coronavirus continues to affect us all. It’s an uncertain time for everyone, and it raises a lot of questions. For us, the past few weeks have felt like a rollercoaster ride. As a health institution, we were initially allowed to remain open by the government. However, on 23 March, the government tightened up the measures and decided that only acute care may be provided. This confirms the position we ourselves had taken a few days earlier. Providing care remains a duty, and that is how we felt. That is why it was one of the hardest decisions we had to make as a practice, to choose for the safety of you and ourselves.

The practice will be closed temporarily. The message was clear, we couldn’t justify endangering people’s safety any more. The virus is spreading fast and has taken hold of us. We cannot deny that a few tears have been shed in making this decision. Providing care is in our blood, and how can we do that now if we have to keep 1.5 metres away from our patients? After the announcement was made, everything happened like lightning. We had to contact all our patients to tell them this inevitable news, security measures were tightened within the practice, timetables were changed and additional tasks were distributed among the therapists.

We have been overwhelmed by all the kind, encouraging and positive responses we have received from our patients to the announcement that care is to be put on hold. Such strong, kind, special people we are privileged to treat. All this positivity does us good and motivates us all the more to be innovative.

online programme

We have not been sitting still in the last few days. After we switched to the Huidzorg Delft telephone exchange – because of course we had to contact everyone personally to rearrange the appointment – we also started thinking about how we could provide appropriate care remotely.

We created video consultations. By using an online programme, we can still help you remotely, despite the coronavirus, by demonstrating exercises, explaining how to activate the lymphatic system, recommending skin products or chatting about treatment options when this corona crisis has passed. So, do you have a problem and do you want our help? Click here.


We are also working hard to get our webshop online. So you don’t have to run out of our fantastic products. The products can still be ordered by telephone or email, and then they will be posted or delivered.

Our therapists are also thinking hard about how we can further improve care in the future. We are trying to upgrade our social media and are working hard on reflecting on and writing informative blogs. Are there any topics you would like to know more about? Then send us a message.

For now, we hope that everyone remains in good health and we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we have not abandoned you.Love,
Team Huidzorg Delft

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