Skin enhancement with the LPG device.

Endermotherapy- cosmetic

Endermotherapy, also known as lipomassage, is an intensive connective tissue massage using the LPG device. The treatment can be applied to both your face and the body.

The first signs of skin ageing, skin sagging or cellulite (orange peel skin) can be reduced.

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What does the treatment involve?

Endermotherapy- cosmetic

The intensive connective tissue massage ensures that the skin is sucked up with the aid of the device and rolled out between two cylinders. The cylinders have different functions and can stretch, relax, bring together, loosen or vibrate the skin.

With the help of lipomassage, the skin and the underlying tissue are massaged and blood circulation is stimulated. Fat and fluid accumulations will be reduced and the structure of the connective tissue will improve. Through the intensive massage, the formation of elastin fibres (elasticity of the skin) and collagen fibres (firmness of the skin) will be stimulated with the result that the skin becomes firmer, more supple, smoother and healthier.

The treatment

Step 11

At the start of the treatment the areas of concern will be determined

Step 22

The skin therapist will take photos in various positions, in order to map the results at a later stage

Step 33

The recommended bodysuit will be put on

Step 44

The skin therapist will apply the intensive connective tissue massage using the LPG

Step 55

After 10 treatments the result will be evaluated and the follow-up discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endermotherapy- cosmetic

Lipomassage and/or endermotherapy for cosmetic purposes are not covered by health insurance schemes.

The sensation of the treatment can be compared to a deep connective tissue massage. This can be experienced as a firm, but painless sensation.

Cellulite (orange peel), lipoedema, sagging skin, dull skin (skin rejuvenation).

It is advisable to be active for 7 hours after the treatment. This stimulates the lymphatic vessels in the tissue and makes it easier to remove the waste products that are released, with a positive effect on the end result.

Fat and fluid accumulation can be reduced with the additional effect that the structure of the connective tissue will improve. Skin will feel firmer and smoother.

For best results, we recommend a course of at least 10 treatments. A significant difference can often be observed from 15 treatments onwards.

Endermotherapy can also be used for lymphoedema or scar symptoms.

Lipomassage 30 min 65.00
Lipomassage - 2 Zones Kuur 10 behandelingen 600.00
Lipomassage - 2 Zones Kuur 20 behandelingen 1100.00
Lipomassage Gelaat 30 min 65.00
Lipomassage Gelaat + milde peeling 30 min 115.00
Lipomassage Gelaat + TCA of Retinol peeling 30 min 180.00

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