Softening of the skin.

Medical lymphatic taping

Lymphatic taping is used to support integral oedema therapy or scar therapy. Lymphatic taping is a cotton tape technique that can be used to reduce oedema or soften scars. The lymph tape can be applied to areas of the body where other compression therapy can be difficult to apply, such as the face, neck, chest or abdomen.

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What does the treatment involve?

Medical lymphatic taping

The Skin Therapists of Huidzorg West apply the tape with a special technique that ensures that the tape is applied to the skin under tension. The applied tension creates space in the upper skin layers or a massaging effect is created by the tightening of the skin by the lymphatic tape. This makes it easier for the lymphatic vessels to displace the fluid and for the oedematous fluid to be absorbed into the body and drained away.

When applying lymph tape to scars, the skin where the scar is located can be tightened by applying a special taping technique. This gives the skin continuous friction, which makes the scar smoother and causes fewer issues.

The treatment

Step 11

The skin therapist cuts the tape to the desired length and shape

Step 22

The skin therapist will ask you to tighten your muscles, to assume certain postures or to stretch the skin so that the tape can be applied to the skin with the correct tension

Step 33

The lymphatic tape applied is further fixed by rubbing it. As a result, the adhesive layer is heated and adheres better to the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical lymphatic taping

The use of lymphatic tape is part of the integrated oedema therapy and will be used during the oedema treatment.

Wet the tape and pull the skin under the tape tight or tighten the skin, this makes it easier to unroll the tape from the skin.

Lymphatic tape is used for: lymphoedema, bruising (haematomas), scars and pain reduction.

On average, lymph tape stays in place for 5 to 7 days, 24 hours a day.

The anti-allergic adhesive of the lymph tape keeps the tape on the skin for a longer period of time. This allows you to exercise, swim and shower with the tape carefree.

Edema therapy 30 min 51.00*
Fitting of aids 30 min 51.00
Burns aftercare 30 min 51.00

Special arrangements apply to the above treatments. Every health insurance company has a fixed rate for these therapies.

For chronic conditions, the first 20 treatments are covered by the additional package; from the 21st treatment onwards, the treatments are covered by the basic health insurance. If there is no supplementary insurance, the first 20 treatments are at your own expense, after which a claim can be made under the basic insurance.

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