Endermology, how does it work?

Endermology, what is it?

Endermology was created by Mr Louis Paul Guitay, a French engineer. This man himself underwent manual physiotherapy to soothe his scars, which had been caused by a car accident. He then invented a device that could help him with this. This device treats the skin with an alternating suction and rolling function. The deeper skin layers are treated by alternating the suction and rolling action of the device, which considerably softens the affected areas of the skin.

What does endermology do?

Endermology is an intensive connective tissue massage for both men and women. Treatment by endermology stimulates the circulation of the skin, encourages the drainage of lymph fluid and fat cells, and can soften hardened (scar) tissue.

The fibroblasts are stimulated by the suction and rolling action of the endermology device. This activates the collagen and elastin fibres. At the same time, the free oily acids are removed.

effect of connective tissue endermology

Treatment indications

The LPG device was designed and developed as early as 1970. Over the years, the device has been further developed and improvements have been made, so that nowadays we can treat various conditions with the help of this unique treatment method.

Oedema symptoms

In our practice, we use the LPG device a lot for oedema symptoms. The device enables us to stimulate fluid drainage even better and deeper in a non-painful way. We can also easily treat both small and large areas, because the device has multiple head sizes.

Scar treatment with endermology

Due to the many head sizes of the device, the device can also be used for the treatment of scars. These can come in all sorts of sizes, places and types. A scar is a hardened tissue, which often causes pain or restriction. By making this tissue more supple and stretching the skin, these complaints can be reduced or even disappear completely.

Cosmetic indications for endermotherapy

Endermotherapy can also be used cosmetically. Lifting and rolling out the skin can also help prevent signs of ageing and sagging. Stimulating the circulation of the skin and activating collagen and elastin fibres also tightens the skin and restores its former functions. Of course it does not replace botox, but it can be used in addition to other cosmetic treatments.

Endermotherapy for cellulite – dimples in the skin

One of the treatments frequently performed using endermotherapy is the treatment of cellulite, also known as orange peel. That’s right, the well-known pitting in the legs’ story. Want to know more about cellullite? Then read our blog on the subject.


Cellulite, also known as orange peel, is easily treated with endermotherapy

Endermotherapy after liposuction

Endermology is also highly recommended before and after you have undergone liposuction surgery. Loosening the adipose tissue before surgery will help the surgeon to remove it more easily. After the treatment, it is important to quickly remove the fluid that arises during an operation. Besides, it is important that the tissue is kept supple and that the small scars that have formed do not develop into hardened scar tissue.

Many surgeons already recommend endermotherapy as a post-treatment after liposuction treatment. This will be a course of treatment (several treatments) to help the legs or abdomen recover better. But, are you considering liposuction surgery soon? Then also consider pre-treating the area.

Advantages of endermology

What are the advantages of treating with the LPG device?

  1. Research [1] has shown that the use of endermotherapy improves the blood flow in the treated area, this even continues into the smallest blood vessels in the tissue. This results in your tissues recovering better.
  2. The lymphatic system is activated with the help of the LPG device, stimulating the drainage of the lymphatic system for up to 3 hours after the treatment.
  3. Hardened (scarred) tissues become more supple due to the intensive connective tissue massage and will therefore lead to less pain and limitation complaints.

LPG device

Due to the innovative different sizes of the heads, the LPG device can be used on different parts of the body. Not only the body, but also the face can be treated well.

Feeling enthusiastic?

Are you enthusiastic about endermotherapy and do you want to know more about it? Please contact us.

[1] James Watson, MD, Peter Bela Fodor, MD, Brian Cutcliffe, BA, David Sayah, MD, William Shaw, MD, Physiological Effects of Endermologie®: A Preliminary Report, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 19, Issue 1, January 1999, Pages 27–33, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1090-820X(99)80004-1

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