Loss of pigment.


Vitiligo is a skin condition and autoimmune disease that occurs in about 1% of the world’s population. In this skin condition, the skin loses pigment. As a result, milk-white areas are created that differ in shape and size. These places can expand over the years.

This condition is usually found around orifices and pressure points, such as the hands and feet. Vitiligo spots are also relatively more common in body folds, on mucous membranes and on highly pigmented areas such as the face and genitals.

Frequently asked questions about vitiligo
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Treatments against Vitiligo

At Huidzorg West you can get camouflage therapy for vitiligo. A self-tanning cream can also make the contrast between the white patches and the normal skin tone a little less striking. We are happy to give you advice or training on how best to apply this. By using a special fixing product, the camouflage is resistant to water and smudging. We also offer good sun protection products.

The following methods are used for this condition:

Treatments against Vitiligo

Frequently Asked Questions


The cause of vitiligo is unknown. There are a few factors that can play a role in the development of vitiligo:

  • Auto-immune problem
  • Your body’s immune system, which destroys the body’s own pigment cells

With vitiligo we can camouflage the skin responsibly through camouflage therapy. We work with the following products:

  • Jane Iredale: offers mineral camouflage and make-up for all skin types. Jane Iredale’s products have a high coverage and are caring and non-irritating for the most sensitive skin types;
  • Dermacolor: for a skin problem that requires a higher degree of coverage, Huidzorg West works with Dermacolor products. These products are known for their professional and very covering properties for the most severe indications.

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