Toskani: our new skincare and exfoliation brand

At Huidzorg Delft we started working with the new peeling and skin care brand Toskani from September. After comparing different brands,Toskani came out on top.

Why Toskani?

With a wide range of peeling and skincare products on the market, as with all our brands and products, we were only looking for the best quality brand. In addition, we were looking for a brand that fits our vision to provide the best care. High-quality and effective products that do what they have to do, that is what Huidzorg Delft is all about.

A supplement to Neostrata

Of course, you can already contact us for the high-quality exfoliation and skin care brand Neostrata. Then why add another brand? Toskani offers other possibilities, for example, the peels contain ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid and TCA.  This distinguishes Toskani from Neostrata. We consider these ingredients important for different indications such as rosacea, acne and, pigment, fine lines and scars. In combination with the Neostrata peels, we can now work much more specifically on the problem areas and thus ensure a better and more beautiful result.

toskani product

Combination peels

In addition to these acids, Toskani is an expert in the field of combination peels. In this way, we can combine all the peels and create the desired mix per person and per zone. In addition, Toskani also has combined peels that have been formulated in advance in the right proportions, such as the Purifying Peel which contains a combination of 20% salicylic acid and 14% azelaic acid. This not only works on the active acne, but also tackles the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that you can get from the inflammations. Some other combination peels from Toskani can be used to effectively treat pigmentation, skin slackening and sun damage.


Alongside all the combination peels, Toskani also provides the icing on the cake when it comes to pigmentation and sun damage treatments, without using a laser. Namely, the SPOT OUT kit! This is a treatment that is used in the practice and is partly continued at home by maintaining the skin with the Spot Out cream.
The SPOT OUT Kit from Toskani is a complete kit to reduce hyperpigmentation. It also evens out the tone and luminosity of the skin. This leads to an anti-ageing effect and overall skin improvement.
The SPOT OUT Kit reduces various types of hyperpigmentation such as melasma, age spots, chloasma, sun spots, etc. In addition, it will reduce visible signs of skin ageing.

Toskani products for home

Did you know that you can now also order Toskani products for home use? Have a quick look in our webshop.

Want to know more about the options available from Toskani? Get in touch with the practice.

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