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Heliocare Cantabria Labs

Heliocare Cantabria Labs is the market leader in sun protection. The effectiveness of Heliocare products has been proven in numerous scientific studies. The technically and cosmetically advanced Heliocare products offer maximum protection in feather-light formulas.

Fernblock® technology, the essence of all Heliocare® products, is derived from an extract of Polypodium leucotomos standardised by Cantabria Labs. This Central American fern developed a mechanism to protect itself from the sun and repair sun damage during its evolution from a marine life to a life on land.

Heliocare offers two lines of protection. Heliocare’s exclusive formulas of Heliocare 360° provide very broad protection against the entire sun spectrum (UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared). In addition, they help to neutralise and repair damage caused by sun exposure. Heliocare Ultra is a high-tech cosmetic line with a wide choice of textures (cream, gel, silky gel, spray) and formulations, including tinted versions, to protect all skin types – dry, normal, combination to oily.

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