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Acne conglobata


Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne that often develops in puberty and often persists long after the 20th year and can sometimes even persist until the age of 40. This form of acne can also occur at a later age, after the acne of puberty has disappeared. It is more common in young men than in women. This acne gives severe inflammatory symptoms that can be very painful, and it always leaves disfiguring and deep scars.

Frequently asked questions about acne conglobata
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Treatments against Acne conglobata

Acne conglobata is primarily controlled by systemic medication. The first choice for acne conglobata is the use of isotretinoin or antibiotic, which can be prescribed by the GP or dermatologist. The skin therapists of Huidzorg West support the GP or dermatologist in giving skin care advice and carrying out acne therapy treatment. Huidzorg West has many contacts with GPs in Delft and Rijswijk and is a collaborative partner of the Dermatology Clinic of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. With this unique partnership, the Huidzorg West skin therapist can draw up a personal treatment plan together with the GP or dermatologist who treated the patient.

Treatment of acne conglobata consists of professional removal of the existing comedones and inflammations, control of the sebum production and thinning of the thickened dermal layer.Treatments such as chemical peels or laser therapy are strongly discouraged in this form of acne.

Treatments against Acne conglobata

Frequently Asked Questions

Acne conglobata

Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne that often occurs in puberty under the influence of testosterone. This form of acne can also develop at a later age and last until after the age of 40.The hormone testosterone has a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands, resulting in increased sebum production. The blockage of the sebaceous gland and the overgrowth of the P. acnes bacteria cause pimples, which in the case of acne conglobata progress to deep inflammations and cysts. Scarring can form around these cavities.

A hereditary predisposition plays a role in the development of acne conglobata. Hormone fluctuations can also influence the development of acne conglobata. It is not known why someone gets this severe form of acne.

The correct home treatment is of great importance. Often, aggressive skin care products are used, which further unbalances the skin.The use of drying products sends a signal to your body to start producing sebum. When using isotretinoin or antibiotics, the skin becomes dry and it is important to restore the skin barrier with mild skin care.

At Huidzorg West we advise skin care products that balance the skin first. We go back to basics and guide you through this process.

Once the skin is in balance, the skin therapist looks at whether additional skin care is needed to reduce acne and prevent acne scarring. At Huidzorg West we are happy to give you appropriate skin advice.

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